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I need to try and source some Finnish beer before the weekend. Any suggestions? I know there used to be an off-licence on Manor Street that had a great range of international gargle.

Any other suggestions?

@Joxer_Daly the likes of O’Brien’s or McHugh’s in Kilbarrack/Artane, Martin’s in Fairview or Redmond’s in Ranelagh may be good places to try.

It’s ht eone golden rule I have Joxer … I always Finnish me beer!

Judging by your spelling horse, you haven’t finished yet!

You deserve a good stern banning for that one, D09!! :smiley:

Where’s the pun-fest gone?

Seem to have entered a no fun (sic) zone unbeknownst to myself Joxer …

Feckin twilight zone more like. Disappearing posts…

No alcohol related puns allowed? That’s a barrell of laughs.

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Seems they ultimately end up in the same place as the alcohol …

… few grolschs working in the background here - hard to foster good relations …

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I didn’t get where I am today by having fun!!!

Due to a new law in Spain, all teachers have to get certificate show that have clean record as regards sexual offences, but being Irish, they say I also need one from Ireland, Anyone know how you go about getting this.

I presume it’s just like a Garda vetting process when working with charities/children etc

If it’s Garda Vetting you are looking for @bigp, then the school will have to apply on your behalf. They don’t deal with individuals in case you were to alter the report in any way before handing it over to your employer.

The registered employer needs to send your name, dob & any previous addresses here in Ireland to the Central Vetting Office in Thurles to make the application.

They are on 1890 488 488 if you need any more info.

Can I apply for a criminal record certificate?

I’m fairly sure that’s similar to what my brother has filled out when re-applying for his visa in New Zealand. I can find out for you. Contact the Irish embassy in Madrid as they should be able to advise you on what exactly you require.

Police Certs are more for visa applications etc. When it comes to working it’s vetting, @bigp.

Yeah, but I think all I need is to show I have no criminal record, the problem is if the school has to do it , I will have all the translation shite…

The Irish embassy is a joke, all you get is answering machines that give you the options they want to give you, but if you want something that is not on the option list it is almost impossible to contact anyone.

There is a Consular Office in Barcelona, Pedro Grande.