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Thats a great point as well… Which is why I opted for the sense 2 over an Apple Watch. Fecking charging would do your head in every night. No mad about Samsung digital UI either. If was going Android I’d go for an Google Watch with pure google.

A lot of folks dont give the likes of Xaomi, Amazfit consideration… great tech but accompanying app can be hit and miss. If I was say to @Rufus_T_Firefly here’s my definitive choice to him considering budget and reliability I’d go with the Garmin.

Second choice would be a Fitbit Sense 2.

Third choice would be this

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The whoop is meant to be the muts nuts, around the same price as the Samsung, but then they have a subscription if you are using it for training, tells you how much sleep you should be getting, according to what you have eaten, drank and how you trained. When I first got the fitbit, I was logging everything, but had a pain in the hole with doing that after a few weeks, so the likes of the Whoop would be wasted unless you are planning to do it long term, and take it seriously

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Thanks folks for the replies - plenty of food for thought!

Go with this Rufus.



A watch that accurately reflects my state of mind - I love it!! Thanks my friend!

I’ve had a few running/tracking watches over the years, 2 x Garmin, Xiaomi and polar and hands down the best of them all is the polar, I must have it about 10 years and still going strong. If they do any of the modern watches that track sleep, heart rate etc I’d definitely look in to what they have to offer.


Its what following Leeds does to a person

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Was in ohio with work. Lad that was with me had one of those.

Told him he got 1% recovery after one of the more liquid dinners we had over there.

To he fair the hungover head on him also showed he was fucked



Definitely!! Take Leeds and throw in a bit of Armagh and I don’t have my troubles to seek!!

I have a garmin for running. 5 years old now and going good (the watch, not the running). Had an issue with it after just 1 year. Sent it back to Garmin and was issued with a new watch within 5 days.

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Jeeze lads wouldn’t be in to any of this fit stuff at all telling me I’m nearly dead.

Not on my watch.

Does that make you a ticking time bomb so?

Most certainly. Up against the clock and the clock is winning well.

The ■■■■■■■.

Ok ressers thats better than google.

I have an American fridge freezer. Beko. About 8 years old. The front of the internal wall is roasting. I have a red warning sign on the display panel.

A. Is this serious and I need to remove my beer.
B. Can it be fixed if one knows what the problem is.
C. Is it worth fixing.

Jesus ,JJF. I’m not expert ,but that was me I would unplug it straight away , know it’s your freezer, but I’d be terrified leaving it plugged in overnight, again,just my opinion.

I have similar one same make as well .

The weather being very warm has meant you’ve turned it up full? Is it in a garage or shed outside?

The kitchen

Only other things I can think of is that it’s got pushed back against a wall, touching the wall; something is blocked, where fluid normally drains away; thermostat buggered.

Or there’s a dead cat behind.
Or the milkman.

Presumably you’ve already thought of all these.

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Sounds like a bunched compressor. The repair on that could cost a fair few €€’s.

I pulled it out. It is close to the wall. Red light gone off and the heat has subsided a bit. It’s making a loud humming noise which it never did previously. feck it anyway.

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