Aspects of Irish life that you're ashamed of

Are you ashamed to be Irish?

The opposite proud to be Irish , proud of our achievements in the world of sport , the arts music entertainment, not proud of how the country is run but that’s a different topic , love my Irish passport

Screw that. Not even aware of that mindset TBH. Proud to be one of the few european nations that never colonised and extorted another nation/culture. (we were too busy being raped and pillaged to rape and pillage).

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Not my words.

I realise that!

Not what I was inferring, the initial statement is how in general Irish people are e.g. you bump into someone walking through a busy street, both straight away apologise.

There is definitely a sense of Republicanism being associated with those of a lesser class and those people are seen as living in the past.

Lots of younger people, including those in my own bracket of the 30s (not so young anymore), will refer to those from up the north as not Irish.

I often feel people are embarrassed to say they support Irish Republicanism but look, it’s not black and white anymore due to the actions of the IRA in latter years and I you would obviously have to assume that is where the negativity of some people accrues.

Patriotism gets lost when people down south are even discussing if we should have a United Ireland and the ‘it would cost to much’ statement is thrown out.

I think you seem to be mixing a lot of things up then.

ps You must bump into different people than me.

Also can I categorically call out, I never said people are ashamed of being Irish… are you a journalist working for a rag?!

No, I think you misunderstood the point I was making and have paraphrased what I said with your own interpretation

Recent Irish times poll showed a strong majority in Ireland for a united ireland. Pretty sure the 20s demographic felt stronger about it then 30s but i could be wrong. Not so much support in Northern Ireland, even those of a nationalist background. So i would be of the thinking that it can only come about as outlined in the GFA (democratically). There has to be a majority for it in Northern Ireland for it to happen.

I took that from the opening quotes but will remove it no problem. It is what I took from what you posted and I feel it’s worth discussing. I will delete reference.

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You just cannot simplify this into two cultures or ideologies - it is far more complex than that. It is not republicanism v unionism. There are multiple strands to it. Even on a simple level within broad nationalist and unionist thinking there are huge differences in opinion as to what a future Ireland should look like.

August is the silly season, yeah?

Has Gemma O’D or Ewan hacked Dubby’s account ? :thinking:

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No… we are ashamed that THEY are Irish.

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Ok I started the thread as a result of misinterpreting another poster.

So to change it slightly - what makes you ashamed to be Irish?

Man Utd fans in Ireland.


pissed up irish arseholes abroad, you know when groups go through the funny pissed up phase to the arsehole pissed up phase.


Cork with a couple of exceptions…

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