Aspects of Irishness of which I am very proud

Happy Sunday folks. I completely agree with the other thread. Some things here are most certainly shameful. This thread is not a ‘reaction’ to that but just a chance to name the positive things. The first things that jumped into my head were:
The Uileann Pipes
The Harp


WB Yeats
Flann O’Brien
Katie Taylor
Ronnie Whelan
Paul McGrath
Bobby Sands
Dave Allen
Collins, Pearse, Connolly

I could go on ( I usually do)


Aidan O’Shea

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If we could get Aiden O’Shea into westlife as a dancer to replace the fat fella that left years ago my Irishness would be complete.

Brian McFathead.

Thats the one!

Manhattan Peanuts.

You spelt Drew wrong there after Ronnie

Past Eurovision success

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No, I didn’t.

Dublin GAA
Uillean pipes (played well)
Where I am now (Maharees). See attached photo for proof!

Our sense of humor
Our temperate climate
Our history
Katie Taylor
Barry McGuigan
The Good Friday agreement and peace

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A Northside Dubliner with a Scouse accent … spare me …

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

A magnificent player.

Never said otherwise …

How we take the piss


That’s grand except for the uileann pipes. When someone produces any sort of musical pipes or the wife takes out the hoover my reaction is the same - run!

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The GAA. We all love a good moan about it and rightly so. But it is at the heart of every parish in the country and unique to Ireland. There is nothing like the summer hearing the Sunday Game song or the buzz about the place before a big championship match. The loyalty to where you’re from and the opportunity to represent that at club or county level is incredibly special. It brings the Irish together no matter where in the world you are.

I also like taytos and club orange :hugs:


Agree with that. Last night I heard someone saying they couldn’t wait until the English Premier League started. Jesus H Christ !

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Rock Shandy
King Crisps
Superquinn Sausages