Aussie Rules

Grand Final is the weekend - West Coast Eagles v Collingwood (Magpies).
The sister lives in Perth, so will be supporting the Eagles.
Anyone know if there are any channels available in Ireland, or on Mobdro, that show AFL?

BT show all the games and are showing the game on Saturday morning

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Pies were fanatastic last round against the Tigers, even though I’m a Hawthorn fan I’d like to see a pies win

What time is the kick-off/throw-in/bounce-up?

5.30 a.m. Saturday morning. It’s on BT. I’ve been watching it for years. Seriously cleaned up their act. Massive crowds. A game where being able to actually kick a ball and win a ball is rewarded. Heresy it might be but I’d rather watch a good Aussie Rules game than most inter county football games these days.


Yeah. It’s so hard to score …

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I’d agree, @alanoc. Skills levels can be quite high and the players are generally very fit. It can be dull, however, if it gets too scrappy and games can be too one-sided.

Yeah a sport that rewards mediocrity (wides) :laughing: That said the 6:1 ratio for goals:behinds does actually work.
At a stag this weekend but will do me best to catch some of the game anyway on my phone.

The AFL youtube channel is really good. They have a Top 10 moments from each round that’s always worth a watch. It’s a rare week that Cyril Rioli doesn’t have an entry.

A lot of the games finish with more than double scores.

You can get a score for kicking it more than 10 metres wide of where you intended. Mayo would be in their element.


Am in Melbourne this week, didn’t realise it was on til the day I arrived! Brother lives in Perth but somehow I’m up for the Magpies. No hope of a ticket, too expensive anyway. Might get to the fanzone.
Don’t like the randomness of the oval ball bounce. In a way Gaelic Football has never been more like Aussie Rules with the increased handpassing and the mark.

so it’s like hurling without the sticks ???

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Far more kicking in Aussie Rules and far more reward if you can kick.

What a game, Pies faded badly in 4 Q. Had lots of chances to kick the decisive goal. Fair play to Eagles they never gave up

Serious advert for the sport

Great contest though lots of mistakes. Eagles should’ve won by more in the end but looked like they had blown it or would fade in the latter stages, in fact they dominated possession and attack in the last 20 but were profligate.

Watched in a bar in the Collingwood area, great craic with the locals, they took the defeat well. Very grungey, studenty bohemian area, likeable. Affordable compared to downdown prices.

Epic game. Superb stuff

West Coast cooler heads won it in the end?

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Almost the last kick. Nasty angle, all sorts of pressure, after they had missed about four open goals in a row and were on the verge of an epic ‘blown it’ conclusion.
Some fitness they had, chasing the game throughout, making it even harder by missing a good few chances. Still looked clearly stronger in the last 15 mins. The bitters would have said they won by being the more physical team! :grinning:

Dislike this game intensely. Lived in Melbourne for a bit 20 years ago and couldn’t get into it at all. It’s a bit of a playground game , every one running around like headless chickens after the ball. As for the 1 point posts and no goalkeepers …strewth mate as the local may say.

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Hardly headless chickens. There’s plenty of tactics in the game if you know what to look for. It places a premium on being able to kick the ball, catch the ball and win your own ball. In other words it’s two teams competing with each other for the ball rather than simply trying to keep it from the other. And slagging the point posts is a bit rich. We call our game football yet technically you don’t even need to be able to kick a ball to get scores.

The final yesterday was far more exciting than any game of inter county football I saw this year. Minor game between Vins and Crokes last week a far more exciting game too and the way inter county should be played.