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Unfortunately the GAA has lost a lot of potentially top class players to that horrible game.

For the afl fans ( not one but this is a good read). The grand final being played outside Melbourne again , in Perth this time. Jim Stynes old club Melbourne demons are in it and hope to win it for the first time in 57 years. The only match I was at in the MCG was one of their games and they were slaughtered. Brian Stynes in this piece too.

The MCG is one of the great cathedrals of sport. Was there for several games in 2004. A grand final is on the bucket list.

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Yes it’s a terrific stadium.

I’d love to be there for an Ashes Test Match on “Boxing Day”.


According to a friend it’s awful. Everyone drunk.

But then again. If that’s your thing :joy:

I’ll stand over what I said!


It should be a good game with two of the more likable Melbourne teams facing each other. Slightly cheering for the Western Bulldogs but you couldn’t begrudge Melbourne with the season they’ve had. Their coach Simon Goodwin was under pressure from the media to be fired last year and this year all he’s done is win coach of the year and be in the top 2 pretty much the whole season.

The Bulldogs are having a complete nightmare this first quarter

Skill execution killing them , could be over by HT

Edit: the Dogs. winning at HT now

3 goals for the Bulldogs in the opening three minutes of the 2nd. Treloar with 2 and Naughton (who’s known for his wayward kicking.)

Dogs completely flipped the script in that 2nd quarter kicking six goals to one to lead by 7 at the break.

yiz are streaming this ??

Outrageous end to the 3rd quarter by the Demons. Kicked 3 goals in the last 90 seconds and 7 in a row in the quarter to go from 19 down to 24 up going into the last quarter.

I have a stream. Yes. I can send you it if you’d like.

that would be fantastic. i’m not a teccy so maybe you can advise if it’s safe for a pc?? buíochas mór. :+1: :+1:

just found a few live snippets of this and the celebration of the physicality by both commentators and fans alike makes me really wonder where our game is going with the meeja/tsg witch-hunts for certain players when they make a tackle.

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No on BT3 :ok_hand:

57 years of hurt is over. Melbourne are Premiers for 2021 defeating the Western Bulldogs 140-66! They were 19 down in the 3rd quarter and then outscored the Dogs 100 to 7 and 16 goals to 1 the rest of match to win by 74 points their biggest grand final margin win in their history.

Bayley Fritsch became the first person to kick 6 goals or more in a final since 1997 and Christian Petracca became the first player in VFL/AFL Grand Final history to get to 40 disposals.


Geelong win the grand final . Tuohy and O Connor join Kennelly as the only Irish winners.

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Mental that the final can be such a blow out more often than not. The major letdown of a sport in quite fond of.

bit of a dummies sport but infinitely preferable to premier league muck from england. or spain, italy and france for that matter. the lack of mega money seems to keep it some way watchable. very well administered too from what i can make out from a distance. i’ll probably never get to see a game live but would love to.
delighted for the 2 irish players, especially touhy who is after big jim’s appearance record now. amazing achievement. i wonder will zach top it off now and come home and win an all-ireland?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hope the other buck doesn’t.