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Delighted for Zach T , what an achievement on top of an already stellar career

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give him the Freedom of portlaois ???

That’s a big move heading to the AFL champions

Chances of making it based on previous lads going down are not great. The vast majority don’t. Plus he’s trying to get a place on the best team. Good luck to him. But success is by no means guaranteed.

Didn’t read the article but category B rookie must mean he has a fair bit of a pecking order to work his way up. Wonder what sort of money that level is on can’t be great

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It’s not much. And it’s a long climb upward alright. No better than 50/50 he makes it. Maybe even less.

Best of luck to the young fella. If life thought the poor chap anything this year its that its too short to have any regrets. Hope it goes well for him

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He might get a year out down the track and come home to win Sam

You get to OZ, get paid to play sport , and all at 22, I’d take it, so what if you don’t make it, hate to see lads going, but I would have gone myself.
In saying that I hope these lads have some back up education wise etc… to fall back on .

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Oisin Mullen making his first start for Geelong this weekend

is madden expected home or has he found another club?

hopefully he’ll do what ciaran kilkenny done , come home and win about 7 all Irelands

As far as I know Madden is contracted with Brisbane Lions until the end of 2023. He hasn’t broken through to the first team at all so a return to Ballyboden and GAA could be on the cards.

CK was in Australia for less than 3 months. Brian Stynes is a more accurate barometer of readjustment to GAA if Madden was to return. Took Stynes a good 12months iirc to produce for Dublin. Watching Madden v na fianna last year I think it take him the same time.

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there was definitely something about him not getting a new one. maybe that relates to post 23 and he knows already that he’s not getting a new one from the lions.

it would be nice if they did return that it was for christmas so he’d have the full run of the season to get acclimatised gaelic football and the misery of an irish winter. i’m not sure when the afl season ends, is it march/april?