Awards 2017

Feel free to add a category - anything you like!! And then nominate a winner! Starting with a few straightforward ones -

Goal of the Year: Con v Tyrone

Hurling Team of the Year: Cuala

Club of the Year: Joeys OCB

Footballer of the year: Stephen Cluxton.
End of. (Many notable nominees but, for me, Cluxton was at his best ever in all facets of his game).


Slaughtneil is club of the year for 2 years running. There should be a rule that you can’t name your own!!!

Easy for you to say … :smirk:

Not really. I think my club is fantastic. A Eurovision type vote is always the way forward. You can’t vote NaFianna, I can’t vote Mun, Parish can’t vote Raheny and Bart can’t vote Vincent’s…


Not voting for a Londonderry club ahead of NF!

Then don’t, and put away the rod!

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You’re obviously not a journalist …

Moment of the year

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Score of the year: Dermo beating the entire county of Mayo and slotting it over the bar

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