Ballymun All-Weather pitch

I must say I have been a 2 games in the last 2 weeks on ballymun all weather pitch no games should be played on it. I think it’s over its sell by date and needs some work done to it. What do people think ???.

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It’s needed some work for a long time now. Must be fifteen years old at least. First all weather in Dublin I think?

Its like playing on the road. Ankle breaker of a pitch it shouldn’t be allowed to be used at all. Great pitch in its day but time for a new surface.

It’s at least 20 years old, if not more.

Similar situation with DCC All weather pitch on the Clontarf Road.

Is that the pitch beside the airport?

GAA rules require that clubs are meant to submit independent test results for AW pitches every 3 years to Croke Park. (Head impact etc)

Pitches that don’t pass these GAA specification are not approved for official matches - I’m sure there are insurance implications and cover could be deemed null and void if insurer sought valid recent tests.
Like a lot of things in Ireland, it seems a blind eye is turned to it.

Pitch in ballymun was very poor 3-4 years ago when I was last on it. I guess original carpet must be 12-13 old at this stage.

Alfie Byrne road was poor few years back but I think some work has been done on it since.

TD still worst all weather pitch in Dublin and they use it to their advantage!!

Both the Alfie Byrne & Ballymun all weather pitches are well past their sell by date. Ballymun from age and Alfie Byrne was always a poor pitch, right from installation unfortunately

The pinnacle of bullshite

The ballymun all weather , by the airport is at least 20 years?.

Well done.


Comparing Ballymuns pitch and the likes of Davis’s, John’s, UCD etc is like comparing apples and bananas.

Ballymuns at the time was the latest technology available and was hailed a triumph by everyone.

I’d go as far to say it saved many a childs life from going down the wrong path.

Some posters giving about it I’d imagine would give you their left arm to have a ballymun all weather for their club.

Apart from the weird bounce of the ball on these new surfaces I cant see anything wrong.

I could be wrong but one of the earliest new pitches after Ballymuns was St. Brigids and it’s never mentioned as being a poor surface.

Go figure!

Our pitch was set in 2003, my maths ain’t great, but that’s a good bit short of ‘at least 20 years old’.

It’s being replaced this year.


Brigids has been mentioned as poor in recent years. Their senior team wouldn’t play games on it and insisted on the grass pitch.

Did Ballymun have to get special floodlights because of the proximity to the airport or was that a concern that was raised but found to have no issue? I have a memory of hearing something like that when it was first developed

Sorry about that, 16 years old. Not 20.

@Spidey but training is ok? :wink:

Especially in October to March!