Ballymun and Glasnevin - A walk down memory lane

Suppose this is the place to talk about the All Ireland seeing that the other thread went off on a Northside tangent!!!


Where does Ballymun end and Glasnevin begin?

So you saw seven posts and only one way out?


Is this the place to invoke the Santry Clause?

There’s two santry crosses now lol

Depends on when you are talking about.

If you walk towards Finglas from the Autobahn, about 200 meters up is a sidelane that take you into the back of Hillcrest estate. Halfway down that lane is a substation, and, the last time I looked, it still had “BALLYMUN AVENUE” boldly stencilled onto it.

Anything North of Glasnevin Avenue is 100% Ballymun.
Anything West of Ballygall road is Finglas.

Is Albert College in Glasnevin or Ballymun?

My best guess is that the OLV Church marks the corners of Santry, Ballymun and Glasnevin.
The roundabout at the junction of Ballygall road and Glasnevin Avenue marks the boundries of Finglas, Glasnevin, Poppintree and Ballygall.

Glasnevin “proper” for me would be anything sound of Griffith Avenue, and East of 1st Dublin Scout hall.

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New housing estate going in off the back of Sycamore Road off Grove Road. They are naming it Sycamore Grove, Glasnevin rather than Sycamore Grove, Finglas. Adds around €20k at least to the value I suppose

Grove Road. There may be a plaque on a house there in years to come …

'Scuse me there compadre, but anything north of Glasnevin Avenue is Glasnevin North.

Your first clue is in the use of the word ‘North’ of Glasnevin Avenue. :wink:

(Poppintree can feck right off though.)

I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.

Glasnevin ends at the Griffith Avenue (Extension).

Glasnevin North (The makey Uppy thing it is, continues up until Glasnevin Avenue.)

Anything further up is Ballymun, the giveaway being Ballymun library 100 feet up the road. North of Glasnevin Avenue is not the same as Glasnevin North.

Mind you, the whole place is a muddle. Is the OLV Credit Union in Glasnevin or Ballymun? - same to be asked of the OLV Church.

St Pappins Road was “catchment” (at least for church dues) for OLV. Stormanstown Road was Ballygall.

Also, yeah, f*ck Poppintree, bunch of naer-do-well skangers

Glasnevin village is down at the Woodener (now the Pyramid) Church. The shops along there are the original heart. It used to run as far as the Whitworth Rd but a lot of the roads off Whitworth and even Iona Road and Botanic Ave are down as Drumcondra in lots of places. When I was young Drumcondra was across the Tolka.

In fairness, a lot has changed since then.

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And we were all in the UK …

Which you could walk to via land bridge - sea levels were lower back then. Something to do with all the ice around…

No - it was too dangerous. Dinosaurs.

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If you continue on your perambulation up from Ballygall Rd and go straight thru the roundabout at Glasnevin/Ballymun Ave, you are into Glasnevin North proper. Finglas is to your left. Ballymun is to your right. But the utopian paradise of the Willows (the roads, not the pub) and Cedarwood estates (ancestral home land of Bono) awaits you if you go straight ahead.

If anyone has a problem with that, take it up with the Corpo jobsworth who made it so with the stroke of a pen in 1975. He’s probably a wee bit smelly by now though.

Place where you go to get yer bike that was robbed back, more like.

Hi Ewan. :wink:

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Now that was just uncalled for.

Say sorry, or I’ll kick my pug as punishment.

P.S. Gimme me bike back.

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