Ballymun and Glasnevin - A walk down memory lane

Hang on whilst I just delete some pleasant simple and very recent memories from the old brain cells, and make an oath never ever again to darken the doors of said establishment :smirk:.
Life is subjective and I can only relate my own experience … I have no shares in the place, live in another county and don’t even drink alcohol … :scream:

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Was that Bushes ?

The very nice couple that had the Gem are now running a shop off Griffith Avenue. Another local shop taken over by a chain, is it xl?

Yes … XL.
I was last in The Gem in about 2010 … I may be misremebering but when I bought my paper and.asked jokingly for The Victor I think the guy said that he was related to the owner back in my comic buying days.

Yes, but it was also known as O’Mahoney’s. Owned by Mick O’Mahoney, a Limerick man who loved the Gaa. Had great crack on there in the 90s until he died suddenly in about 2006. Then it was Smith’s, never liked it much. Now the Bald Eagle, it’s not bad at all… any port in a storm.

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Yeah, the Gem is now called Traceys and is in the Rise. Same lovely old couple there and they still do the Smooches!

Tolka manager is now the bar manager in Na Fianna. Or was before lockdown. Who knows now.

Is the old Tracey’s mini supermarket not the new chemist premises ? The chemist I think was or is moving/moved from that single story premises on the corner that once was home to the local shoemaker (not Shamy btw).

Karl. A great skin.

Tolka House gets a lot of funeral trade business. May have dropped off right now, but imagine it’ll bounce back financially, a lot quicker than most other neighbourhood locals.

I was told that the bar was private yesterday lunchtime for a funeral reception and people started arriving as we left.

Ample rarely gets an airing anymore.
‘That’s ample, thank you’

Fine ex-ample.

That’s enough ! :grinning:

The line is fine

How do you like them amples?

Amply done

I went to school with Karl, it wasn’t him that barred us.

Bushe’s was a good spot. Smith’s not so good, and I also agree, Bald Eagle is grand, it’s different, good feel to it, nicely lit, not too pretentious, good service last few times I was there, small things that aren’t so small.
Didn’t know what to make of the new Botanic House when saw it a couple of years ago

The Botanic House is an odd one. They’ve tried a few different openings there over the years, one version was the Bird’s Nest. Nothing seems to work, maybe it’s the location just hidden behind Harts Corner. But for the most recent opening restaurant part is run by Wright’s and the food was fine and it seemed popular. The bar is a lovely big room with great TVs for a match. Nothing wrong with it at all so maybe this time it would have worked…