Banty new Wexford manager

Someone finally gave Seamus McEneaney a job. He must throw his CV for every job going(wouldnt be surprised if applied for England job) :slight_smile: . Was appointed as Wexford football manager. Wexford county board will have hefty wage bills with Banty and Davy Fitz on board

Hope they have a strong constitution too, for the amount of bullshit the pair of them will be spouting.


If they can beat Carlow and we have to go to Wexford to play our quarter final then I would greatly fear an early Leinster exit. Out of our Croke Park comfort zone and up against a manager of Banty’s expertise we would really have no chance. Looks like it could be the back door next year.

Jays is between him and Fitzgerald they’ll be bankrupt before the end of 2017.

They must have won the lotto

Maybe they’re getting a cut of our huge cake of money. I’m annoyed! Split Wexford in two!

Mick Wallace must have a hidden stash of money. They be wearing pink jerseys next!

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Makes a change from him wearing Claire Daly.