Bargains and Deals (for those who can peel an orange in their pocket with a boxing glove on)

Ok I don’t think such thread exists, if it does, MODS do your thing and close it down. Seen this online, for anyone that is paying as you going, its looks like a decent deal. First 100,000, so get in there quick.

Anyone else would like to post similar things, please do, at @upthedall don’t even think off peddling any of your knock of shite here or its 5% cut off all yer dodgy sales to go towards the Ressers Christmas party ball.


Great idea for a thread JJF!

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Yeah could come in handy!

@JJF there was this one:

But carry on…


Cheers didn’t see it! Feel free though if ya want to merge…

Cheers didn’t see it! Feel free though if ya want to merge…

Shoulda gone to Specsavers! :grin:


Zing :joy:

Sounds good , wonder how long they can sustain that plan . Reminds me a bit of ID Mobile…

Boom boom!:partying_face:

And there’s loads of young people on the website (their target demographic) so it’s probably not suited to older lads on here… still @anon99011615 could get it off his parents as soon his allowed his first mobile phone! :sunglasses:


Did you sign up? Half tempted !

No not yet…

Loadsa tickets for the Denmark game going cheap after Geneva!


I’ll have to reinstate my proof reader again.

It’s a great idea!

I’m selling these mint condition containers. They’re unwanted Xmas gifts

I’m cutting my throat giving them away. But that’s what good cross-border friends are for.

Think of the surprise your other half and kids will get when they unwrap them on Christmas morning.


:arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

Are we all supposed to know what that is?

We’re Dubs FFS !

Unless it’s for hiding the bodies of your enemies up the Dublin mountains, we’re not really interested.

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It looks like a fake tan self application contraption. The bottom container to be used for the paler, almost Gothic like look, and the top container for the more bronzed look (think Ross in Friends after applying an 8!) :laughing::laughing:

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The top one is what the Tyrone Maor Uisce uses to fill the Tyrone water bottles, the bottom one is the one he uses to fill for the opposition players! #HomeBrew #Trots :wink:

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Daller, you’re back in the oil business I see!

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