Battle of the Decades

Over the past few weeks watching a lot of old GAA matches its unreal to see the difference to todays game. Its almost like 2 different games.

But if you take away the differences like tactic, fitness, lighter sliothars, better pitches etc strip it down to pure hurling ability what decade would come out on top?? Ive narrowed to the last decafe the 80s 90s and 00s. Ive selected 4 teams. A player can only play on 1 team so if a player crossed over the 80s and 90s and is in the 80s team he cant play for the 90s team…I didnt consider Dublin players as the heart mightbhave ruled the head!! Lets see what you think…

Team 80s: Ger Cunningham. John Henderson Conor Hayes Pat Fleury. Pete Finnerty. Tony Keady. Iggy Clarke. John Fenton. Joachim Kelly. Tomas Mulcahy. Joe Cooney. Nicky English. Billy Fitzpatrick. Jimmy Barry Murphy. Liam Fennelly

Team 90s: Damian Fitzhenry. Brian Corcoran. Brian Lohan. Martin Hanamy. Brian Whelehan. Ciaran Carey. Liam Dunne. John Pilkington. Paul McKillen. John Dooley. John Troy. Gary Kirby. Michael Cleary. DJ Carey. Ger Oloughlin.

Team 00: Brendan Cummins. Michael Kavanagh. JJ Delaney. Ollie Canning. Tommy Walsh. Ken McGrath. Sean Og OHalpin. Tommy Dunne .Ben Oconnor. Jerry Oconnor. Henry Shefflin. Eoin Larkin.John Mullane. Eoin Kelly (tipp) Eddie Brennan.

Team 10s: Eoin Murphy. Paul Murphy. Daithi Burke. Noel Connors. Tadgh de Burca. Brian Hogan. Paidi Maher. Noel McGrath. Mick Fennelly. Brick Walsh. Joe Canning. TJ Reid. Richie Hogan. Seamus Callinan. Patrick Horgan

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I’d find room for Jamsie O’Connor in the 90’s team somewhere. In at wing forward, Johnnie Dooley into the corner instead of O’Loughlin.

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Theres some serious hurlers I didnt pick. Pat Fox Martin Storey, Jamsie Seanie Mc, a heap of Kilkenny lads. Tough going :sweat_smile:


No Tony Browne on any of the 3 decades

See my 2nd post

I know. Doctors differ.

He probably should make the 90s but for me Pilkington was savage underrated in his importance to offaly. McKillen was a class act. If hed hurled with Clare or Offaly in the 90s I think he would be hugely talked about. Antrim were poor enough through that decade but he stood tall

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What about Leonard Enright one of the best ever full backs. I’d have him before Conor Hayes

The main point of this topic was to get opinions on which of the 4 decades provided the strongest hurlers. I provided 4 sample teams based on my views. Im mot saying they are set in stone the best 15 of the decades.

Fair play, Ground Hurler. Good idea for a thread. Very hard to judge. While I love ground hurling, pulling in the air etc, and I don’t consider it to be ‘random’, the matches in the 80s and 90s had far more inaccuracy than subsequently, or appeared to have. Was playing with a heavy, wet sliotar a factor? Probably. I think the team of the 90s and 00s had savage backs. The team of the 00s and 10s had the best forwards so it’s the team of the 00s for me. Entirely subjective but good fun and not a virus in sight.

Overall excellent teams.richie power for brick walsh

Yeah brick was a big call. Far better pure hurlers but like Tony Browne serious service to his county and in different positions.

Richie Power some hurler who im not sure we really seen the very best of

I see JJ Delaney didnt make the team of “The Sunday Game era”.



I would have him down as best defender and all-round hurler of his time.

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Fully agree and given his height compared to others that is a serious achievement

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He’s one of the biggest names left out.

You could argue that 1-4 did very well to get into the side and it was a toss up between Cummins and Fitzhenry. Having the Rock in there is a joke.
JJ was twice the hurler as Lohan was too.

Seanie Mc Mahon unlucky not to be included also.


Voted for by the readers, always going to be contentious. Noel McGrath instead of Dunne? Brendan Maher and Richie Hogan close too for me.

No TJ actually, only copped that after. Has to be on that team somewhere jaysus.

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No JJ utter joke

Half of Cork must have voted

Wait til you see the football team, 8 Kerry men 4 Dubs.