Battle of the Decades

And all of Tipp

Surprised they went for Dunne over McGrath. All Ireland final at 18. Outstanding since and better tha ever after recovering from the big c. Probably should have been Hurler of the Year last year. Incredible player wherever they play him.

Ciaran Carey and Ken McGrath must have been close too.

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Noel McGrsth a far superior hurier to Tommy Dunne regardless what number either had on his back. Ken McGrsth should have been CHB too…

Absolutely, on both counts.

Can only think Rte had McGrath down as a HF

Its all opinions and its great people have different ones. Mine would be that mcgeath was no Ciaran Carey

Possibly had, his best his best hour was at full forward in 2002 Munster probably

Carey well fit to make that team also perhaps a better engine than ken but very few in my lifetime have had the pure hurling of Ken.

All about opinions, I would differ with the democracy on no 3, 4,5,6,7,9 14 and 15 at least

What era is the referee from? :joy:

Dickie Murphy will smile his way through it

All of Tipperary must have voted.

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Saw the topic battle of the decades and instantly thought of me and my weight

This is a great video that shows the difference in retaining possession on the pitch and how it’s changed over the last few years

All Ireland '89 semi final Antrim v Offaly now on TG4.