I love House in Howth. Haven’t been there in ages and have only had lunch there midweek - but it’s great. Lovely sausages and black pudding.

Mrs Roman LOVES Kinara. But I never feel great after Indian so unfortunately for her, we limit our visits.

I’ve heard good things about the new Chinese in place of Wongs. I think it’s now called Wangs.

I’ll tell you what i really miss - it’s the Bram Stoker, next to the petrol station near Conquer Hill. It’s now a refugee shelter. But when it was pub, it did amazing burgers and wings. It was perfect in the summer for sitting outside, and munching away with a pint. Really fast service too.

I used to love the bar in the old Clontarf Court Hotel (pre B Stoker’s).

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No wine included in that? for that kind of price it’d want to be better then you can russle up at home.

All this categorization of beer meh. It’s like music there is only 2 types , good and bad.

No bad music, just music you like and music you don’t like.

Except Olly Murs

He can ■■■■ right off.


I see Budweiser’s not so subtle dig at the craft beer phenomenon.

Personally I’ve gone off the craft beers, it’s all gone very pretentious.

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To be fair to The Baths, Mrs R and I did order the most expensive items on the menu for the mains - lamb and the steak. We did so not (just) because we’re flash, but because two-thirds of the menu is seafood and we’re not into seafood.
So if you were going for the fish, you’d get a nicer bill than we did.

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Don’t mind paying if it’s really good. But it becomes special occasion territory when you go over 100 yoyos.

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Roman, can u just drop into The Baths for a latte & a sticky bun, or is it all full scale restaurant fare?

You can just drop in for a drink at the bar. And they also have an enclosed patio (non-smoking) where you can bring your drink if there’s no room at the bar. I’m not sure how picky they get with that when they’re very busy. But defo worth trying, when passing by.

So I assume you could order a latte and something off the desert menu. But don’t make firm plans based on that info!

The Eggs Benedict in House is savage…
Last time I was in Wongs it was like going back in time to the 70’s with the decor and crockery etc so wasn’t surprised it closed down. The chinese(Hin Keng) that was in the Clontarf Court was great but wouldn’t be a massive fan of chinese food.

BTW Kinara is Pakistani :wink:

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Pakistani! I must’ve eaten there a dozen times and I never knew that! Nice one, man. :+1:

100% to all of this!!! House brunch is top notch

I always thought that only Kajal (Malahide), Kinara’s sister company, was Pakistani and that Kinara was Indian…

Also love Eggs B. in House and Hin Keng…this is getting like that scene in Step Brothers…


Yeah … some beer thread alright …


Kanoodle do a lovely red curry. (I’d say over-priced pretentious beer would go nice with it.)


If there’s such a thing as anti-craft beer then that’s what I am. Tastes like piss and if your in a round with someone that drinks it, it can get really annoying.

Was in old Trafford the weekend and the game drove me to the nearest boozer. 5 of us in a round, the craft beer drinker went up to the bar everytime looking at every bleeding tap and quizzed the staff on them and then told the guy whose shout it was what he wanted. Reminded me of the agony I feel when I get dragged to penneys with herself.


Kanoodle over priced as well but Christ their sweet crispy chicken is savage.

Next time get him a shandy.

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…Or tell him to ■■■■ off.