Bernard Brogan

Misfortune. Best of luck Bernard, great footballer and sound man

I’m going to go glass half full on this and say Berno will be back. This can’t be the way it finishes for him. But knowing Berno I think we will see him back and who knows maybe he will get back this year. The lad is a winner.

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It would be very sad for him if he missed out on a sixth All-Ireland medal, if a number of his colleagues do go on and win their sixth this year.

Sad to say it, but we’ve seen the last of Berno in Dublin blues. Owes us nothing. Like his brother, a rolls Royce of footballers!


Balls . Is this the same injury Gooch had ?

No the Gooch had a chip on his shoulder, Berno done his Cruciate. :sunglasses:


Not nice to see players injured. Best wishes to Bernard who is a fantastic player despite the heartbreak he and Dublin have heaped on us


Ah FFS. First people putting oxo cubes into coddle, and now this. Gutted for him.


Not sure what Fogarty is getting at here

MDMA did his last year but didn’t need surgery

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There was a rumour last year that MDMA was gone for the year with a cruciate tear. Turns out it wasn’t true.

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I mean about the denied part .

When did it happen? Has he had a scan yet?

@Rochey, are you making that statement on the back of knowledge within the camp? Very hard to accept, if true.

Jim Gavin denied it after the first round of championship

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Ah right , wasn’t aware of that.

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I don’t have a direct line to anyone in the camp, let me make that clear, but I’ve been told by people that do, he has ruptured his ACL. I’d personally say that’s the last we’ll see if Berno in blue.

Big difference between MDMA is that he didn’t rupture his ACL, he damaged it!

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Really bad news for one of the best forwards to ever play the game. He was flying this year. We played OPER in a challenge 8 days ago and Berno looked like he did 3 or 4 years ago. He would have had a big part in the Championship. Hopefully it is not as bad as reported.

Terrible blow for BB and Dublin. I thought he was looking in great shape at the Kildare match, he made a couple of sublime passes to set up goal chances. Not just a great finisher but a hard working team player too.

Get well soon Berno!

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Gutted for him if it’s as bad as some are suggesting.

Hopefully he’ll return but if not he owes us nothing and can bask in the glory of a wonderful career.

Thanks Bernardo & best wishes for a speedy return :clap: :clap: :clap:.


echo what others said , owes us nothing , looked like he put the hard yards in over the winter as he was sharp around the loose ball against kildare - quick thinking flick up for the goal was a joy to watch.

Not sure if he would have seen much game time come the summer regardless , but not nice to see him pick up this injury

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