Bernard Brogan

For all the talent we have coming through, would any of them do that?

Wonderful player, some players have the God given talent to make all in the stadium draw a sharp breath when they win the ball, half are saying “go on Berno” and the other half are saying “stop the ■■■■■■■”.

He is a rare talent and is capable of creating wizardry and chayos out of mere crumbs of opportunity. I hope he makes a full recovery but I fear his age will hinder his chances of wearing a Dublin jersey again. I hope I am wrong as he is a joy to watch.
Best wishes Bernard Brogan.

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What did MDMA tear then? I thought he tore the ACL too? Poor reporting to say he tore his cruciate and not provide any further detail, 4 ligaments in the knee if its anything other than the ACL he wouldnt need an op. But judging by the general tone of the discussion it prob is ACL.

There can be a big difference between a rupture and a tear, I’d imagine, depending on the severity of the tear.

%100 correct!

Very sad about Bernard and may explain all that number 15 jersey fun on Saturday night.

Someone posted that Costello is also injured but nothing as bad as Bernard. Hopefully it is not the last we see of him. As posted both himself and Alan changed their playing style to become very astute providers on the field when needed.

Awful news. Owes the jersey nothing and I hope he gets an opportunity to leave on his own terms. No justice in sport.

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Bernard will be fine - he’ll be back to 100% fitness, and fully rested for when we need him - which will be the 5 in a row in 2019.


Hadn’t heard that, any word on him?

Was wondering where he’s been of late!!

He had hurt his ankle on the trip to South Africa, but he was in the squad on Saturday so it seems to have healed up.

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Awful news. Played very well when he came on after Rock’s black card in the Leinster final last year. Hopefully there’s a pathway back for Bernard, possibly in an even more refined role than the year gone by.

I know it sounds like we’re mourning here, and to an extent, I guess we are. But Berno has given me some incredible moments as a Dublin supporter. Some of my favourites are:

  • His point on the turn off the left peg against Kerry to go 1 up in 2011
  • His no look hand pass in the same game, think it was to McAuley.
  • His tap off to Rock V Kildare a couple of weeks ago.
  • His goal against Derry top corner from 21 yards.
  • His 2 goals against Mayo. Real poacher type goals requiring 2 very different skill sets.
  • Setting up Philly for his goal against Mayo. Resilience, close quarter ball control, pace and agility. Class

Point is, this skill set is not replaced readily. He is, and always has been, the classiest corner forward Dublin has produced for some time. If this is his goodbye (let’s face it, this season is out, he’s 35 next year) it’s a sad way for him to go. He has to have a statue erected to him in OPER or Parnell. But he will be forever recognised as one of Dublin’s, nay, Gaelic’s greatest ever natural forwards. I had a man crush on him for over a decade. And yes, I am admitting that on a public forum. Get well soon Berno. Ya feckin’ legend!


2013 Semi v Kerry and final v Mayo were two of his greatest performances. 2-3 from play in a final must be up there as one of the best hauls in a final

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This nearly made me cry. Great post


GREAT post. I feel like it’s a death in the family. First time in 15 odd years there will be no brogan in the panel. Bernard of the brogan for me has been the best Dublin forward in thirty years. 2010 he was unmarkeable. Simply brilliant. I hope he can find his way back but it’s stacked against him. But who knows?


Terrible news and hopefully not the end for one of Dublin’s all time greats.

I’ve always had a special place for the lads who were there and soldiered through the dark days of 2008/2009…The likes of the Brogans, Cluxton, Flynn, Connolly, Andrews and O’Sullivan. Not only were they central to our breakthrough in 2011, but they have now gone on to win 5 All Ireland medals (Alan has three I think). They’re the lads who can really remember the dark days before our current success.

Bernard was 25 when the ‘startled earwigs’ of 2009 were destroyed by Kerry. I’d imagine that if you told him then that he’d go on to win a POTY award and 5 All Ireland medals, he’d have called the men in white coats on you!

Anyway, I’ll never forget the great moments he provide me with as a Dublin fan over the last number of years, and hopefully we’ll see him back in blue again. Thanks Bernard!


Don’t forget man of the match in '13 final !

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For me what says most about him as a player and person, was or is is attitude towards the sub role, most would find it hard to take after reaching the heights he did, but he took it in a very positive way and saw it as still being a hugely important role.

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Agree 2nd half v Kerry 2013 , the greatest display of points I ever saw from any team. Watch every point a fuckin peach each and every one and B.B. contributed big time. And in a proper contest too.


It says in this that Brogan may try to avoid surgery and get through this year. It also says the same thing happened MDMA last year and he did not have surgery. I was aware he had a serious knee issue, but I never saw it mentioned as a cruciate at the time.

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