Bernard Brogan

You say that like it’s something to be ashamed of.

FWIW, despite the game ending in defeat, I’d say his best goal in technical terms was the early one against Cork in the 2010 AI semi. It looks such a simple finish but I’ve always said if you want to emphasise to kids the importance of being able to kick with both feet, there is no better illustration. When Berno fields the ball, he’s facing the Hogan. That would have suited a kick off his natural kicking foot, his right, but Ray Carey was about 2 yards away and thus potentially within blocking distance of a shot. It was also what Alan Quirke in the Cork goal was anticipating and positioned himself to stop. So BB let the momentum of the pass spin him 180 degrees where he’d have a free shot off his left, all those years of kicking with the weaker foot with Alan (following the Da’s urgings) out the back garden paying off. That also meant he could get his shot away quickly, in fact the ball was past Quirke before he could even readjust his legs. As for the finish itself, pure composure - not blasted, just placed low and into the corner. Perfection.


Reported as a tear and not severed and not definitely acl which gives hope. Definitely one ou our best and a delight to watch kicking a point off either foot. Thst little basketball style cross-over hop when he turns to the back after collecting the ball or just kicking round the corner while about 2 foot off the ground- very unique style that has provided so many memories. Strange enough, the one thst stands out to me is not a score but the pass across the goal against donegal (think it was berno anyway) in 2011 to set up brian cullen for a point- the one that broke them and I’ll always remember feeling right there an then that we wouldn’t be bet and 16 yearz of gloom was about to turn to milk and honey! Mile, mile buiochas Bernard. Hope to c u in blue again soon!


I’ve read the reports that it’s a “damaged” cruciate, but tonight I was told again that it is a rupture. Look, I’m not a source type bloke, but the word on this is pretty concrete. I do hope I’m 100% wrong!!!

As concrete as your and Al’s weather predictions?


Good boy

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Every silver lining has a cloud.

A brilliant moment in a dour game.

This is from memory but that score v Kerry in the second half of the 2013 semi. An equalizing score if I recall correctly. Flynn picked him out and he collected the ball with Tomas O Se marking him, side slipped to his left and swung an outrageous score straight between the posts. All the finer details above may be incorrect as I havnt checked it but I’m certain everyone knows what score im referring to.

He got a better one to win a league match under lights in Croker off O Se too. An incredible effort under the Cusack. But the semi final wins it imo due to the importance of the game.

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That’s my best memory too. (Although the 2013 final, taken as a whole, is hard to beat.) That was the moment/point that prompted Daragh O’Se to acknowledge afterwards, that Berno was a quality player. After having won the Footballer of The Year, the year before.

Yeah, good man Daragh. :roll_eyes:

There was also a lovely little, backwards flick towards Kev Mc, who scored the pt that tied the game up at 6 pts a piece.

Any more news on this?

I suspect the longer it goes on without any official confirmation from Brogan or the DCB the better. If it was a sure thing I think we’d have seen something by now. Hopefully he’s having further scans and or exploring the options available…

If I recall, there was no official confirmation about Jack for weeks after until his surgery was complete? Just what Jack had told a few people himself. Then again, he was in the public eye a lot after the 3 in a row

he was interviewed last wk and said he wasn’t putting a time or date on his return, even if it took a year he wants to be 100% ( Jack )

Again, Johnny Magee didn’t rupture his!

Is there confirmation of this or just still people speculating off here say ?

I honestly don’t think we will have the full picture until September, between now and then it will all be speculation, that is of course unless he plays.

Don’t recall MDMA’s injury ever being confirmed last year. As much though as he kept going he never got up to the level required to really contribute. Even if Bernard could take the same approach not sure it does him or the team much good.

Terrible shame this has happened. Leaves him with real dilemma. Keep going and be bit part player this year at best. Have surgery and write this year off but then trying to come back at 34/35 years of age next year. Then again still don’t know what or how bad the injury is.

Really & sincerely wish him all the best in recovering whatever route he goes!


Decided to watch the 2013 semi final v Kerry this morning. What a game. Some brilliant individual performances from some Dublin players, among them, Bernard Brogan. Ironically, he was called ashore for Kevin Mc to go on.
After the game, the “pundits” remarked how great a game it was (fair enough) but Brolly correctly pulls Kerry up for their persistent, cynical fouling throughout the second half, having played open, attacking football in the first half.

It’s officially official.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

Knew it was coming but seeing it officially is like a kick in the nads!!

Speedy Recovery Bernard. :+1: