Best Christmas Present you ever (1) received and/or (2) gave

Right folks. Christmas thread! We’ve all been on tender hooks about Jim going. Time for a lighter thread and a few childhood memories! Off the top of my head, the best Christmas present I can remember was an Action Man Army Tower! (Back when we had real toys like action man, Airfix and proper Lego!). It was the coolest thing ever (in my head!). Best pressie given may have been a Pink Floyd album, to a real fan!

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Coca Cola truck, sliding doors, trays of green bottles, the works. Given by eldest bro, which made it all the better. That and the fact it was a really big parcel

An eggs box. He asked for an X box, but I misunderstood!

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Here’s Priti opening my present.

An intelligent lady like herself knows the best things come in small packages.


Christmas 2011 from my wife - my GAA season ticket. What a gift it has been.

No idea on present given


Received a popcorn making machine. Kids thought it was the best gift ever. I was more happy that they where happy. I wrecked it after a week.

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All I want for Christmas is Jim back at the helm.

A crap electric guitar from Lidl from my granny, was the kick up the hole I needed to finally learn to play after I’d be talking about it for ages. Such a simple present lead to many great evenings for me.

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Remember the story about Newcastle Utd in the mid 90s when tickets for their home games were like gold dust . There were 2 empty seats and fans around them asking the club were tickets available for those seats but club insisted they were sold. Stephens day match a man and his son in the seats . Wife had bought them in summer and decided they be good Xmas presents.

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Bit of a soppy one and not really a gift but…Xmas 2012 myself and the wife announced to the family that we had our first on the way…can’t imagine it will ever be topped!
20 week scan fell a few weeks later on my 30th birthday (by chance), found out it was a boy. Solid month tbf


I was mad into trains as a kid. Probably the result of living close to the main Dublin Belfast line. When I was a kid my old man got me a Hornby Train set. It was added to over the years and tacked to the box bedroom floor. It was a really good set up. It must of cost him a small fortune at the time. I used to spend countless hours with it. Naturally enough as the years passed, i grew out if it and it was put carefully in a basket and placed in the attic.

He passed away a few years ago and I’ve been meaning to see if it still runs. I think this might be the year. Most of it ran quietly but there is one American style freight loco that would wake up your ancestors. The neighbours will be delighted.


Rod Stewart is mad into model railways.

So that is the follow up to the Barry’s tea and.

Not as much as he is into blonde models


As a kid…the longgggg days leading up to Christmas Eve.

Best present was a racing car set even though the car would fly off around the corners.

Going to Xmas mass and bursting to get home.

As a father…getting my son his first ride-on tractor. He’d follow his granda around the sheds thinking he was helping.

Now Christmas is all about enjoying kids, family, friends, good food and beers and putting on weight. Plus the 3 minute annual sexy time.


I won’t tell you how badly I read that “annual” word first time. Wishful thinking can trick the eyes I guess!


@upthedall you lucky fooker, twice in the one night… :joy: :joy:


Yeah I should really get myself a thesaurus when posting amongst your pervs!!

Ps another Xmas present from my sister was the Fisherman’s Blues by the Waterboys. That was a good album.

I even have it on my amazon prime.

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I like your maths…! More than 90 secs is just showing off.