Best club pitch

What would people consider to be the best club pitch for hurling in Dublin?

Always found Clontarfs exceptional

O’Toole’s ground good for hurling, in my opinion. Mobhi Road, also.

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I’ve heard that Dolphin Park is up there as being one of the most intimidating grounds, but it rarely gets rained off due to the natural drainage. A little known fact is that it’s also the oldest GAA pitch in Dublin after the Phoenix Park.

Never found Dolphin park in the slightest bit intimidating.


Neither did I … Was surprised myself when I heard it from 2 different sources / clubs.

Barrog for sure

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Fair play to naF as mobhi in very good condition considering it must get a lot of use.

Clontarfs a fine pitch.

Vincents main pitch used to be superb but gone downhill in last decade. New all weather open this week as 2nd adult/juvenile pitch will probably help condition of main pitch in time.

The Naul have a good pitch, not much hurling out that way though!

Clontarf is great pitch like a carpet

not sure your right about Dolphin pk been oldest , as it was only opened late 50s early 60s and Synger used Bohernabreena for home games while Dolphin was been built.

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Trinity ,O tooles, and Clontraf.

Biased, but always thought the pitch in Mearnog was great


Clontarf exceptional

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Been a while since I played there but was always one of my favourites especially during the summer.

Castleknock another great pitch

Castleknocks pitch is a bit too big for my liking :older_man:

Tell me about it.
Runs to the 65 take a lot longer than before.

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Clontarf no1 followed by otooles no2. Bodens main pitch is usually in perfect shape too.

It was a GAA ground long before the Christian Brothers bought it in the 40s. Prior to being named Dolphin Pk it was called Rutland Ave. It was the home ground for Dolphins GFC in the 1800s up until they disbanded in the 1940s. Kevin’s and Rathmines HC played games there > 100 yrs ago. It was was also used by Dublin and Leinster to host inter county Camogie games in the 1930s. And believe it or not Faughs also used it in the 40s. When the Brothers bought it in the 40s it was a dog track with a GAA pitch in the centre.


Surely finians newcaslte up there with one of the best pitches in Dublin

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