Best club pitch

Agreed great pitch.

O’Toole Park :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


1-Annes park Clontarf
2-Bray Emmets

I like our own pitch but if suffers too much from unnecessary overuse.

My least favourite pitches would be most public parks, Tymon North probably my least favourite
Olafs, Pats P, Plunketts, Commercials

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Commercials isn’t a public park :joy:

Who said it was?

Not the best wording to be fair to John1711

Apologies. I never got to finish my course at Grafton College


Jude’s definitely one of the worst. That far pitch that’s tilted at a 45 degree angle almost is shocking.

Any judes lads here give an update on when their new pitch be ready still l looks a long way off. Should be decent when finished flat anyway compared to what was before

Is it sand based prunty?

Are they doing their pitch as well as Faughs?

Will be interesting to see how the Spawell turns out. Any news on who the anchor clubs will be?

Playing surface Clontarf, AKA St.Annes 34, good lighting too. For Picturesque it’s hard to beat Beann Eadair up in Balkhill, Howth on a summer evening.


Beautiful views. Hard to find and the ground itself is hard to play during the summer.

Great pitch which has just been relaid with a sand based surface along with floodlights.

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Looks great - fair play. :ok_hand:

Who picked the song

Pity there is no Hurling played on it though and this is the Hurling section

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Liffey Park always one I liked, pearse park when they did it up and castleknock the one down the hill