Best coach in Dublin?

Who would be regarded as the best coach in Dublin? Not by name but by what they deliver, what I mean by that is for example Ollie baker, be an obvious answer but look at the squad he inherited. Cuala Boden and Crokes are conveyor belts of talent so are there coaches the best! Does it take that extra something to gel it all togetherpanel?

Or is it someone involved with a club who are pulling well above there weight because of well trained they are?

No wrong answers just opinions thanks

Very difficult question as very subjective. It’s like asking who the best teachers are…very difficult to measure.

O’Gradys. Tom and Michael swear by it.

Completely subjective but for me it’s former Dublin goalie Damien Byrne. Dayo has dedicated his life to the promotion of hurling in Dublin, there’s not a player in Cuala for the past 30 years whose game wasn’t enhanced in some way by Dayo.


Great club and Dublin gaa man.

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Rockshandy, MH2; How is your Mattie Kenny going to perform in the league in 2017? With 8 lads with Dublin, 2 of the Waldrons with LondonDerry and a rumour that 3 of the Sheanons and another lad will play for Cavan. 14 out of 20 missing?
In 2016 ye had the advantage your 2nd team was in Div5 and so ye had alternate league days.
Are there relegation matches on your horizon?:slight_smile:

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We are going to train at 5am three times a week and insist all players are there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No such team playing or such county anywhere in the GAA

Wasnt sure where to put this, but I believe Liam Dunne has taken over Ballinteer St Johns?

That’s some coup if true

Dualway :stuck_out_tongue:

Is Mattie Kenny the next Dublin Hurling Manager?

Is he based in Dublin or Galway?


I don’t know. He’s able to get to Cuala though!

From what I hear he has no desire to manage anybody other than Galway at inter-county.

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Nial Brady would have to come into the reckoning here. Won the B Championship and Division 2 double last year with a panel of players all born within a mile of the club. Pedigree underage too taking 16’s and minor teams to A Championship finals.

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