Best Current 15 - 2020 edition

Pick your best team currently playing but picking only 1 player per county

Enda rowland

Matthew O’Hanlon

Padraic Mannion
Chris Crummey
Aonghus Clarke

Cian Lynch
Jamie Barron

TJ Reid
Tony Kelly
Neil McManus

Seamus Callanan
Patrick Horgan
Shane Conway

Struggling with a full back line here. You could pick forwards all day long but struggle with backs. A fine choice of free takers is always necessary.

Irs not easy at all…

Enda Rowland…Laois
Niall Wynne…Offaly
Eoghan ODonnell…Dublin
Tommy Doyle…Westmeath
Brendan Maher…Tipp
Declan Hannon…Limerick
Paudie Foley…Wexford
Tony Kelly…Clare
Darragh Fitzgibbon…Cork
TJ Reid…Kilkenny
Joe Canning…Galway
Marty Kavanagh…Carlow
Shane Conway…Kerry
Stephen Bennett…Waterford
Neil Mcmanus…Antrim

Enda Rowland (Laois)

Paddy Smyth (Dublin)
Tommy Doyle (Westmeath)
Cathal Barrett (Tipp)

Padraig Mannion (Galway)
Austin Gleeson (Waterford)
Dan Morrissey (Limerick)

Dara O Connell (Kerry)
Tony Kelly (Clare)

Shane Dooley (Offaly)
Lee Chin (Wexford)
Marty Kavanagh (Carlow)

Pa Horgan (Cork)
Neil McManus (Antrim)
T.J Reid (Kilkenny)

Hasn’t been a Kerry hurler in a long time.

Stop nitpicking :joy:

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Rebel, in these times, all is possible!!

He literally hurled last year for Dublin. That’s not nitpicking, you’ll have to think again @Iomaint.

I know that!! He could hurl for Kerry again! He is only in his twenties!

James Dempsey(Offaly)
Shaun Murphy(Wexford)
Daithi Burke(Galway)
Eoghan O Donnell(Dublin)
Brendan Maher(Tipp)
Austin Gleeson(Waterford)
Jack Kelly(Laois)
Tony Kelly(Clare)
Cian Lynch(Limerick)
Marty Kavanagh(Carlow)
Neil Mc Manus(Antrim)
TJ Reid(KK)
Shane Conway(Kerry)
Patrick Horgan(Cork)
Killian Doyle(Westmeath)

Austin Gleeson massively overrated IMO, surprised to see him named twice here. Is a hot head too and liable to get sent off frequently if you had him on your team.

TJ and Mcmanus only ones picked by all

Austin Gleeson is a hot head. Yes. Has a nasty streak. Yes. Should be put in one position and left there? Yes. Centre back? Probably. Is he an absolutely class hurler? Yes. Overrated? Not in the least. Exhibit A:

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Can be fantastic obviously. That goal still gives me the shivers. Far too inconsistent however. Was never hoty in 16.

Yes I would agree. I think the right manager could make a job of him but nobody can say he’s not a class act. He has skill to burn. When a lad can make things look as if they are happening in slow motion, he has it. His head is the problem.

I think the hoty affected him badly, he’s said so himself in interviews. Also no manager has been able to stick him in one position. He’s been sprung around the middle 8 his whole inter county senior career. Cahill might have a master plan for him, it’ll be interesting to see

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He wouldn’t be the 1st Waterford player picked on this team anyways.

Supremely talented but a bit like his clubmate Ken, best position is a long debate

Chief, the issue is to pick fifteen from different counties not the best hurler in each county.

I would still have Jamie Barron, Stephen Bennett or Stephen O’Keeffe chosen ahead of him on 2020 form not on basis of who is best known as a lot here seem to have picked…

Thankfully I want beyond 2nd class so understand the basis for the hypothetical team selection.

But some of us wanted to attempt to pick a decent team, with players in positions in which they can play, as opposed to picking 15 lads who played well last year. Btw I’m glad that you went past second class but I think it’s the four years you spend in sixth class that really stood to you. Good man.

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