Best Current 15 - 2020 edition

What number jersey is that?

Did I mention anywhere about picking players where they don’t play.

My point which you chose to ignore is there are at least any of 3 Waterford players for the hypothetical team I would pick playing in their own positions on form ahead of Aussie who hasn’t put together 2 consecutive performances since 2016.

Yes, but I’d be managing the hypo-focking-thetical team and Auzzie would play his best hurling ever, as a direct result of my stewardship.

(The challenge is to pick a good team of 15, although there are not 15 good county teams to pick from so choices must be made. Did I end up with the most on form Waterford player? No.
Do I give the slightest focketty fock? No.)

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Christ are you as tense in real life ??

Only when I’m awake.

Give us a flavour of how you would motivate the underperforming Gleason ? I d love to see a bit of @Iomaint style motivational talk :grinning: