Best Newspaper for Sports

I have to admit I only buy a newspaper for the sports and usually on a Monday. During the championship the Star but the rest of the year the Herald. Any opinions on what paper has the best coverage, best (and fair) journalists?

I lost faith in most of them a long time ago, to be honest. I like Sean Moran in The times, but that’s not to say I like The Times. Paddy Downey before him was good and fair. The Irish Press Group used to have some good writers, Sean McGoldrick was good and then there was the legend that was Con Houlihan.

Star and the Irish Times for me.

Emmet Malone is one of the few decent Irish football journos and the FAI are not a fan of his which is a good sign

The Examiner although there is a Munster bias. The Times.

The rest are tabloid rubbish.


The Examiner is excellent as Alan says.

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It’s been noted that no plaudits for Paul Cabbage! :thinking:

Examiner miles ahead in my opinion


I like Sean Moran, DoSE & ToSE, dont read any of the red tops. Now and again the herald. I do like whealo and Niall scully.

Love billy Keanes articles, love the way he writes.*

Mick quirk is good. All in all and pound for pound Sean Moran is the best and Malachi clerkin deserves a mention.

Can’t figure out John fogarty.

*i do in me brown.

+1 quality over quantity for me. Times might not have huge coverage but what they have it half decent. Examiner good but very cawrk

Ewan McKenna writes in the indo gives fair and balanced commentary regarding the dubs , actually called us the saviours of garlic football , which was very nice and decent of him .

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Malachy clerkin in the irish Times is very good.

His fellow county man and namesake is a Dick …

The Examiner is way beyond the rest. They are not even close, especially on Saturdays and Mondays. Yes as Alan says, there is a significant emphasis on covering sports from Munster but you will also find reports on club and colleges matches from Leinster etc that you will not find anywhere else. It’s the widest coverage available with little bias pro/anti any team or county and the articles are in general, fair and well-written with no recourse to sensationalism.


Can be hard this time of year but come the o byrne cup til September I go , Monday Indo Tuesday hearld Wednesday the star Thursday liffey champion Friday heard Saturday Indo Sunday the times , pub I work in spends a fortune on papers ;p