Best of luck Cuala

Want to wish the very best of luck to Cuala tomorrow in their semi final. Huge game for them but I think it’s all Dublin hurling lovers and not just Cuala folk who are craving a win tomorrow.

Can never call these games based on teams on paper etc conditions mindsets nerves will play a huge part and hopefully Cuala won’t be lacking in any of those departments.

Best of luck to all involved


There’s no way Cuala will lose this game.

Aye, so said Vinnies last week.
Cuala are doing the right things and keeping their heads down.
They’re grounded enough to know the long layoff is a leveler and that Slaughtneills momentum is another huge challenge.
A great day hopefully for Dublin hurling, Cuala Abu.


Vinnies got r@de by the ref last week. I am saying now it’s not even going to be a close game

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Cuala by about 12

Time to relaunch this baby!! Recycling etc …

Anyway best of Luck to Cuala tomorrow - doing Dublin hurling proud as always

I’d say if the lads win and the Irish rugby goys win the pubs in Dalkey will be out of Pimms by 6 o’clock!

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Best of luck Cuala. Taking Dublin club hurling to new heights. Should be a cracker. The 2 best club teams of the last 3 years.


Is this clashing with the rugby? I’d hate to miss the slam. Snow might kibosh the lot?

Best of luck Cuala, I’d say the serious snow won’t come until Paddy’s night so likely it will go ahead, London may suffer a bit more mind you during the day Saturday! Either way I’d be watching Cuala!

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Definitely. Dub tipp a different story. Herself is gone to London for the weekend. She’ll have fun getting home!

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Best of luck again to Cuala. Was a pleasure to be in Croke park last year to witness’s a Dublin club, indeed any Dublin hurling team, win an all Ireland.

Part of me wondered then would it be long before I’d see a Dublin side back here. A year later and here we go again. No matter the outcome Cuala have done Dublin and themselves proud.

Cuala by 4


I’ll bring the hookers and the cocaine, you just send us your address!!! :rofl:


Thumbs up for cuala. Back to back would be tremendous achievement.
Should be a good game and football tie looks promising as well. Heading in - thankfully warm zone - and bonus is that can avoid the hysteria of “people’s game” for short while.

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Just until the cement in the patio dries eh?


Ballyragget, Co Kilkenny.


Whatever the result , this is great for Dublin hurling to have a representative at the top table . Let them be an inspiration to the rest of the county .
'hon Cuala !

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Lá iontach go deimhin. Go n-éirí libh Cuala!

  • Six Nations: 14:45·
  • Cuala match: 15:45

I just wonder would “Cuala Bears” read better to any Aussies or foreigners, in general, looking in here?
What is the etymology of Cúala, does anyone know?

Anyway, best of luck to Cuala. A tremendous example to all other Dublin clubs.

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Cuala was one of the ancient tribal areas. It was the area approximately of county Dublin aand Wicklow. The Irish for Bray was Bre Cualinn, before they shortened it to Bre. They’re Wicklow heads really so feck them!
Best of luck Cuala.