Best Refs?

Think thats Sean McCarthy done a Peregrines game a while ago everyone was saying he was excellent.

See, so you do all have respect for and appreciate some refs in the county… that was my aim, not the ego filling of whether one name was mentioned or not :wink:

I’d disagree strongly with a couple of the names above, and I’d have added Barry Tiernan to the list of very good Dublin football refs currently on the scene. But there’s no point in naming those I disagree with, that just causes upset, and needless weeping and gnashing of teeth! Also, a Na Fianna referee that retired Noel Cocoman, was a very astute referee, believe an injury meant he stopped. Shame really.

Suffice to say, my earliest submission on this thread was somewhat tongue in cheek!


There’s enough ref bashing that goes on that it’s nice when good things are said. Everyone entitled to there own opinion. Some very good up and coming refs, Barry been one of them. The only way good refs will progress is if teams let the CCC know when they feel a ref has had a good game.

Jaysus, I thought you were being serious.

Cant we just say that all refs are great

No because we have all come across a ref who clearly doesn’t know/understand the rules

Speaking of Refs. Would anyone have the correct number for Declan Moloney from Brigids. The number listed for him is invalid. Wouldn’t like to see him turn up for a match that is off

And there was me thinking you were naming them in reverse order :wink:

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Danny Harrington is very good.Mostly does adult matches now but very good with underage teams.

We had Dave Feeney tonight for our game against Ballinteer and I thought he was excellent.
He didn’t have much to do to be fair, but got every call spot on - you can have a bit of chat with him too if there’s something you need clarified or whatever

Is he a son of Gerry Harrington

Not related at all

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Jimmy reffed juvenile matches I played in 30 odd years ago and my young lad had a schools match and Jimmy was there still reffing a decent ould skin and a good character. From my younger days he wasn’t fond of sending lads off :grin::grin::grin:


Too much paperwork sending off players :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank God :wink:

Thank Jimmy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We had a good young lad for our Afl5 game v skerries on tuesday,Ian howley I think from o’dwyers

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Refreshing to see the positive comments re our refs. A thankless job and due to the recent success of our county teams (in football) these guys will have limited success at progressing at national level. Example 2016 Leinster MFC final- ref and line both from Dublin,

I thought our ref on Saturday against Pats Donabate was very good. Explained fouls and common sense throughout. Terry Murphy was his name.