Best refs?

Without been slandering any individual, wondering who are the better Hurling refs currently doing the rounds in AHL’s?

mystery ref sits and waits for someone to mention his name as one of the better refs


Mirror mirror on the wall

You’re all great.

Dickie Murphy

Barry Tierney an excellent up and coming ref.

Not in hurling. He’s brutal!

I AM NOT!!! Err …:grin:

I would be talking football to be fair

I was impressed with Colm Mc Carthy. Now in saying that I’ve only see him do one match. I never had any complaints with Lamber

Will you be setting up a Thread about the worst refs?

Mick Joyce

Does this thread actually serve a purpose aside from ego massage?

And he’s not ‘up and coming’ either. Very firmly established in the county!

Sorry - meant up and coming on Inter county scene.

In Hurling, Anton Keating & Damien Burnett

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Lads to show der appreciation for refs as opposed to the usual or odd bashing. Fair play lads, keep the respect going :ok_hand:t2:

Is Philip Carr reffing hurling? I know he’s a football ref and he does the underage referee courses,very professional

I see that there are no Dublin referees on either the hurling or football panels for this year’s Senior Football Championships.

No referee on the football championship panel but one on the linesman panel which is a stepping stone to the referees panel. This being Barry Tiernan.

There is three hurling referees for championship but not senior. One on the Joe McDonagh Cup and Christy Ring Cup panel, which is also the linesman panel. This being Seán Stack. There are two on the Nicky Rackard Cup and Lory Meagher Cup panel. These being Thomas Gleeson & Chris Mooney.

I heard Barry was in the door only for his umpires