Best team to watch this century

Senior, 21 minor county or club or colleges. In the past 20 years what side have you enjoyed watching the most in terms of style.

They dont have to have won anything but were just great to watch

Have to say I really enjoy watching this Limerick team. Huge chance of an all ireland this year, unless things go tits up which seemingly is a huge chance as well!

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Yes a great side to watch, think they can be a bit over reliant on the style working but great to watch

That Waterford 21s team of 2 or 3 years ago were a joy to watch. Serious skill level and outside the box hurling

The current Dublin hurlers are fantastic to watch for whoever they’re playing against…


Jim Gavin’s Dublin. End of

I put this in the hurling section with good reason :laughing:

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Can David Clifford hold a hurl?

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Cuala’s hurlers in full flow against Dublin opposition in particular cutting teams open and power running style was very impressive to watch over the last number of years

Kilcoo 2019.
Donegal 2012.
Fermanagh 2017-18.
Carlow 2017-19.
Cavan 2016-17.

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Love watching me club
Outside of that bias limerick (H) in full flow which isn’t guaranteed, Dublin in football
Our hurlers owe me a liver

Kilkenny were unstoppable at the peak of their powers and almost perfect. I like this current Limerick team too. Na Fianna have had some excellent underage teams too. Yeah yeah I know.


Add Derry 2020 to your list sure

Clare 2013

Not everyone’s cup of tea and I’ve heard described as fluky,
when Podge Shane O Donnell and in particular Tony Kelly were on their game they were a joy to watch

They were. Some real quality in that side added to the 3 you mention. Colin Ryan on frees, Conlon and Honan. McInerney at Full Back was unreal that year. Galvin and Conor Ryan at Midfield. The latter was a big loss.

Can Lohan get them back to the top? 2 years ago they were a cross bar/post from an AI final.