Best warm up routine

Just having a quick look at Waterford warming up. Slow run and stretch. Dublin seem to do plenty of ball work then stretch. Kilkenny over the years was a lot of in pairs striking then striking/first touch at pace then shooting.

Does a warm up routine seriously impact how a team starts? And whats the best routine youve seen?


May sound boring but stretching is first foremost and will a lot of time take place away from the public , then you will work on touch ,and bit of cardio, very little contact, high on speed match pace , then slow it down with shooting practice

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It’s been said before but get Colm Nallys handbook. He’s on Twitter aswel. Great ideas.

kilkeny never did shooting.simple pickk and drop hand pass and then break striking in pairs high and low.stretches thrown in.Served them well for years.allways remember waterfords before 2008 final(poles everywhere and I was exhausted watching them warm up)for me the clue is in the name warm up so that your ready when the ball is thrown in.also mentality you must be ready.

Best warm up involve lots of touches on the ball, some easy to follow routines. Stretching and then back to ball drills with the pace upped. Short small sided games get you ready for the game.

This takes some beating…

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Always do a contact drill as your last drill. Even 2 lads fighting for a ball on the ground. Gets them ready for battle.