Big Jack RIP

Fond memories of a man who brought so much joy to so many of us.

Fully deserving of his own thread


Hope someone is keeping an eye out for Paul. Not going to be an easy time for him especially


Suprised myself by how sad I am that Jack has passed. Such a huge part in so many of our favourite moments in sport.


Trying to explain to my 12 year old son (showed him the put em under pressure video
To give him an idea) what it was like in the 80’s and Jack came along and made us into a ■■■■■■■ of a team to play against and beat. We had so pride people celebrating openly in the street. The happiness. Rest in peace Jack and go gently on your way. Thanks for all the memories.


The brand of football he used with us was agricultural but a lot of teams were using it so he didn’t fully deserve the stuff he got from the Irish football media. Virtually the same team had failed too often and he was a classic example of the new manager getting success with the old team. I found John Giles autobiography very good when it came to Jack as they played together for so long. He was the right man at the right time in the right place. No notions, no pretence and no bullshit. Hard to find a man like that. May he rip.



A true Irish hero


Ah, that’s too bad.

RIP to a proud English man who united Ireland in joy, in a way no Irish man ever has.

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Very sad to hear of his passing. Gave a Irish football and the nation as a whole a lot to be proud of. Gave Irish fans the chance to mingle with football fans from around the world and show them how to enjoy the occasion, no matter what the result.
From a performance perspective, under Jack, the whole was always greater than the sum of the parts and enabled Ireland to be competitive against the world’s best.
RIP, St Jack.


Aaah no, very sad hearing this news this morning.
All the repeats shown recently of Euro 88 and Italia 90 brought back great memories of that time.

I hope the state and the FAI make a fitting gesture to mark his passing as it is deserved.

RIP and thank you Jack.

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In alot of ways he was a lucky general , without Scotland beating Bulgaria with them nothing to play for, we wouldn’t have qualified for euro 88 .But what memories !!! The two greatest sporting events I was lucky to have attended was dubs in 2011 and beating England in 88.Thanks jack .


Growing up as a Leeds fan in the late 60’s & early 70’s he was one of my heroes. What a terrible time, the last few months have been for ex-centrehalfs of that club. Norman Hunter, Trevor Cherry and now the strength of the defensive spine, Big Jack himself all gone.

Later he would become Irish Manager and what a wonderful time he gave us. As a member of Jackies Army, I travelled all over Europe & the US, supporting his Irish team. At times the football was absolutely awful to watch but the times we had…

Starting off in Iceland in the summer of 1986 and finishing against the Dutch in Anfield in late 1995, he lead Ireland through some marvellous times.

Thank you Jack, RIP

Olé, Olé, Olé


That’s 3 of that great Leeds of the 70s gone in last 3 months , jack Charlton , Norman hunter and Trevor cherry.

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Brought a group out to the AUL to watch Ireland train a day before the abandoned England match. One of the lads was in a wheelchair. Charlton came over to say hello . Paul McGrath walking beside him. Jack says to Eddie( in the wheelchair) and points to McGrath, he’s going to need one of them chairs soon his knees are bloody fucked.


Fucking hell :rofl::rofl:


Thank God they made it up with each other

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