Big signing for Crokes

Paul Galvin off to Stillorgan…

Himself and the Louise mot are obviously in Dublin for the long haul. He’s 37 now though (I think)

To play Hurling only!

Can’t imagine him having much impact at this stage. Would he make the Crokes senior starting 15?

Didn’t realise crokes were short on players.

I’d say it will be a distraction Crokes don’t need.

Maybe he just wants to keep fit and this will just be a hobby to him as he wants to play for the enjoyment of the game .

Good luck to him. If he’s living up here and wants to play, it’s no different to any other outside player of any standard wanting to play with a Dublin club because he lives in Dublin. I doubt he’ll be keeping anyone out of Croke’s senior panel - if he is - that’s a pity for maybe an aspiring, young, home-produced player in Croke’s. If he does play with in Dublin, I hope he doesn’t come across someone wanting to make a name for himself as a hard man and getting into a brawl with him… Denis O’Brien’s GAA correspondents would be all over that.

I heard he got a job in Qatar and this is just a kind of stopover …

Could be interesting, does this mean he has retired from football if it is hurling only? Or is this a way of keeping his profile up to promote his clothing range? “Theres no such thing as bad publicity”

Could the real bart (lower case b) please stand up. I doubt the real barts opinion on the topic would be so refined either!

Galvin Klein …

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Keep an eye out for flying dusters…

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Why is this not under the Hurling Thread ?

Wasn’t the old transfer thread just in the football section? He may still tog out for one of the football teams, not the seniors

Anyone hear of approx. 5 pending inter county transfer to Plunketts that was brought up at a county board meeting a few weeks back? A few from Armagh?

Some people never learn!!!