Bit of help for an Old School Resser

Folks, I wonder could I tap into you all for a bit of assistance. I work with an organisation called Le Cheile ( that provides mentoring for young offenders and their parents. We link in with young people on probation and on Garda Youth Diversion Projects and match them one-to-one with mentors. The mentoring is all done on a voluntary basis, with volunteers giving of their time because they believe passionately in the work rather than just as a paid gig.

We are currently recruiting in the Dublin area until late August.

An ongoing challenge we face is that it seems to be extremely difficult to attract male volunteers in the age bracket from mid 20s to early 40s. The irony being that the vast majority of our young people are male, and many of them need a reliable positive male figure they can connect with. If you think of a friend or family member that would be interested or if you could share this information and the flyer below on your social media platforms, WhatsApp groups, amongst your networks or in the workplace notice board or message board, that would be a massive help. Much appreciated everyone, thanks very much.

Applications can be submitted at the address below:


Great work Joxer. I’m not there currently but I’m sure you’ll get a good response.

Fair play, @Joxer_Daly

But asking in here for reliable, sane volunteers???

Best of luck with it.

Sorry pal :wink:

Can you do it remotely??

As someone availing of the service?

As in to remotely have a clue what you’re doing?