Black Card

Where do we stand on the proposed black card rule lads and lassies?

From my point of view, fouling a guy who is about to score a goal is too well rewarded. Only 33% of penalties are scored and that is assuming it is inside the square. So I think it has a place. But it needs to be better defined then football. Maybe, it would have to be a foul that stops a scoring opportunity?

They need to fix the stupid rule about the ten minutes not stopping for injuries first.


Use the Wimmins Clock. Simples.


Most women I ask don’t have the time.


Would also stop refs ripping the piss with injury time.

I cannot for the life of me see the supposed logistical issue that apparently stopped the clock being introduced. When the women’s game can do it, in the same ground, it makes no sense it can’t be done.

One of the arguments I saw somewhere recently against it was that teams would play ‘keep ball’ near the end (probably more in reference to football then hurling), if they are ahead and it is near the end. But so what, it is up to the other team to come and get it. Now teams aim to put it out of play and keep it there as long as possible.


But sure teams do that anyway. Ridiculous argument from some people

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Yes they do, and it is part of the game. I never understood the whinging about it. If the other team wants the ball they should go and get it.

It reminds of when Cluxton started picking out players with kick outs. It was treated as nearly akin to cheating to not kick the ball to a contest. Crazy stuff, but it takes generations, not years, to change some views in the GAA.


Won’t see the clock being introduced, slows the game, and our Sky & Eir subscribers want free flowing games…

I see your point, and that is probably the reality, but in theory should it not speed it up as there is no point guys feigning injury etc to delay stuff. In basketball it adds to the tension and excitement near the end of a game.

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Hooter system has its flaws too

Does it though? I see something on Hoganstand today where someone is saying that one flaw is the ref can’t play on to give a team a chance, he has to end it when it ends. To me that’s a positive, not a flaw.

Wouldn’t agree, i agree with the hooter clock except for it ending when it does, I think teams on the attack should have the chance to end that attack.

I would go with the rugby way, that the game ends when the ball goes out of play or a foul that causes a change of possession.


Yes I agree. I remember the 2016 all Ireland final the one where Carla rowed point was waved wide. Dublin got a penalty at the end and a fair amount of time was wasted before it was actually taken but clock didn’t stop. Dublin scored but had no time to get an equalising point as the last few minutes had been wasted on nothinh

But that was just a mistake, the clock should have stopped. No system works if it’s not done correctly.

And basketball is a good example of that. If it’s done correctly and stopped when it’s suppose to then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Yep, basketball is a great example. My wee one plays basketball and the excitement in a close game with a minute left is unreal.

Except you can get possession from one end of a basketball court to the other in less than a second, you can’t do that in GAA. I think if the ball is in play when the hooter goes, the play should be let develop and the match end after the ball goes dead.

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Rugby League prime example. Hooter goes play continues until ball is turned over /is out of play

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Black card for players who duck their head down into the opponent to make it look like the opponents tackle was high