Black Card

Sure then all you’ll have is fellas rugby tackling the opposition to make the ball go dead and it will contradict the black card rule.

You’d literally foul at all costs to end the game.


No, just like in rugby if a foul is committed on the team in possession the match continues.

Sometimes even 4-4

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I like the idea of the hooter system with the clock stopping during the game. It means the correct amount of time should be played. I don’t agree with the rugby style approach to the ball going dead though as there’s potential to see any number of minutes added on then at the end which surely defeats the whole purpose of the clock being stopped in the first place.

One way or another the clock needs to be taken out of the hands of the referee.

Don’t think it defeats the purpose, just gives the team in possession one final attack. I personally wouldn’t like to see a team 1 point down in an all Ireland final about to equalise from 20 yards out, but the hooter going off just before the shot gets taken.

There’s any number of ways you could end the game after the hooter, ball going dead, foul by the team in possession, could even say once possession changes hands the game is over.

Or just score during the time allocated to do so?

I know that sounds harsh but someone has to win/lose. The GAA get enough grief when big games end in draws, literally allowing a team as much time as they need (without fouling) to try find that equalizing point just makes no sense to me.

That’s fair enough! I’d just hate to lose a game by a second!

But that second could be in the 1st minute