Bloody Sunday 2020

Looks like an interesting programme. And match, I presume between Dublin and Tipp on November 21 next year.

Hopefully it will be big event. Was seminal moment in history of country and GAA.


Yep it says it in the article :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Excellent idea, to my own shame i didn’t until recently know all the details of the supporters killed that day.


God. My nana was from Fitzroy Avenue. She would have been 19 on Bloody Sunday. Wonder if she knew the school boy killed. She must have. It’s not a long road.


Worth a read…


All Cups played for in the Celtic Challenge are named after people shot on Bloody Sunday.

I read somewhere that Seán Russell called to the ground to ask that game be called off, but they decided that as crowds were already coming that it was too late. It was obvious target for revenge attack.

There was talk the previous day that there’d be trouble at the match, there’s an account of one of the tipp players of the journey up on the train, smoking fags and playing cards, there was some hassle on the train and the players ejected someone via a window I think

Again didn’t know. Really good gesture.

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V interesting.

One of them was from Ballymount out Greenhills direction. I’d have thought that was a fair distance to come in for a game, but apparently the tram from Blessington Road with one change brought you straight to Croker and quicker!

Glasnevin Cemetery land of a million stories ,Bloody Sunday one of the saddest, would recommend to anyone who hasn’t done it to take the tour or just a ramble on your own

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Victims of Croke Park’s Bloody Sunday remembered after almost 100 years (via @IrishTimes)

The 100th anniversary of Bloody Sunday next year will be marked by a match between Tipperary and Dublin, which will be followed by an International Rules game between Australia and Ireland in Croke Park.
Should be just a stand alone match IMO


It’s certainly deserving of a stand alone fixture, but half empty stands wouldn’t be a good look for the organizers. How big of a crowd would a Dublin v Tipp match in November draw, even if it has massive historical significance? Having the International Rules game on immediately after, probably means a bigger crowd overall, especially if Ireland puts out a very strong squad, like we did the last time it was played here

Agree , it would be wonderful if it could go it alone , but there is huge possibility of egg on face so probably right decision in the end , just hope the right note is hit in the remembrance/occasion

Yeah, guaranteed full house if we were playing Mayo or Kerry, but Tipp ?

Wont be staying for the rules game purely on aesthetic grounds, but it does make sense to make it a bigger attraction. I assume both will be televised now,

It is long way from time when such an event would not have been given any sort of official backing, Dublin and Tipp used to play a commemorative game every year until 70s revisionism kicked in.

Great to see the stories of all those involved well researched and presented. Havent read the book yet but will after reading excerpts.

In fairness to Croke Park, the game was initially the brain child of the commemoration committee so top marks to them and both county managements for throwing their weight behind it. I assume they have had to tweak the rules game to fit too?

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i can remember as a child in the late sixties and early seventies being brought to Croke Park every year for the Bloody Sunday Commeration Games between Dublin and Tipperary by my Grandfather. As I recall it the attendance, which wasn’t particularly big, was made up of old men, many of whom were also present on the day itself. A bit like the song about the Aussies in WW1 each year the numbers got fewer and fewer until soon there was no one left anymore. The Commeration just fizzled out in time. In fairness the main drivers behind the event then, and again for 2020 as they having being preparing for the centenary for some time, are the Tipperary Co Board and the Grangemockler Club probably because of the connection with Mick Hogan the Tipp corner back who was the only player killed that day.
I would recommend a read of Michael Foley’s book on the subject. O 'Toole’s some years ago also produced an excellent booklet marking the many players from that club who played on the Dublin team on Bloody Sunday. Maybe they might consider a reprint to mark the occasion next year.


I cant remember being at one but we used to have a programme from one of those games that disappeared after a Special Branch raid. Nothing political. They stole all the programmes.

I have no doubt the ending of the commemoration was due to the atmosphere of times when anything republican or nationalist was suppressed. They banned the Easter rising commemoration in 1976!

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Massive event in the history of our games. A fitting tribute should be shown to their memory