Bloody Sunday 2020

I’ve searched for events on this, most are being organised by a group in Tipperary.
There’s a game in Croke Pk in November, but, again being organised by both DCB & Tipp group.
Wonder if Leo and Co are running a Black Tie evening in Dublin Castle…

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Fixed that for you.


Given the unique position Dublin are in it would be great if this game was opened out to other players from around the country. Rather than than playing Tipp it could be a Tipp selection will each Provence providing an additional 4/5 players and rolling subs.


Each county should provide one player and Dublin and Tipp 5 or so each to give 2 full panels and full representation.

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Good to see Congress was listening to us today!:grinning:

I learned lately that we have a hell of a lot more relations in Australia than on this island. Just like a whole lot of us. No harm in the day having an international dimension as long as commemoration of the day, November 21st, 1920, and those who died, takes central stage.
I love the idea of the whole island representing Tipperary against the current AI champions.

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It’s probably the only way the other 31 counties can beat us. :grin: