Blue Stars 2017

Blue star nominations are in

The amount of nominations is ludicrous.

And if the All Stars are bad these are a laugh riot.

Are you ever happy with anything Alan? Ever? Once even? When you were 8 maybe?

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I’m happy with a lot of things
I’m not happy with a lot of others.


Share some happy ones. Please.

Didn’t click the link. Did Vinnies get more nominations than NF?

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Na Fianna 4

St Vincents 7

@Dub09 Alan will be happy with this

Wait til we see how many are on Giller’s team. It will put Heffo’s Dublin early 1970s footballer teams in the shade …:joy:


Yeah. I hates Na Fianna. Hates them :smirk:



Doesn’t suit you being funny

Funny funny or strange funny?

Has it been confirmed when/ where/ time?

On in St Vincent’s. Saturday 23rd December

Oh is it! Class. Thanks TT.

:+1:was it ever going to be anywhere else the way things are going…pauses after laying the bait.