Blue Stars 2018

As champs Boden lead the way

Interesting that no one had commented on this, shows where it seems to sit with the Dublin GAA community. I was out there today and would have the following observations. Firstly it seemed like a crazy weekend to have the game if they wanted a big turn out. Is it usually this side of Christmas? Secondly I didn’t notice it with the football but there were some notable absentees from the hurling Dub-stars team . I would have thought it a great honor to be on the team so why the absentees?

As for the game it was a very competitive first half . The lads that had been the leaders on their own club teams were the leaders for the Dub Stars. This meant the backs were strong with the likes of Ryan, O’Carroll and Doc O’Connor giving the young Dub forwards a tough time.But as the game went on although forced to shoot from out the field the Dubs started to rack up a decent score.

Enjoyable match congrats to Barrogs for running a great day. PS that dart station is soo handy!

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It has been commented on the main Dublin 2019 thread a bit, but yea, it’s just a run out, can’t take anything from it really.

It’s usally on New Year’s Day or thereabouts.

Think the date change was due to Walsh Cup starting earlier than normal.