Book Recommendations

Dusted down the Xmas Kindle and am about to move further into the 21st century having succumbed to online banking recently.

Want some good downloads for hols. Am thinking Guru Jim and T Se. Any other recommendations?

Short attention span, no sci fi, Harry Potter, Horror, Mills & Boon, self help BS.

Like humour, biogs when subject not miles up own ass, sport etc.

Pamela Stephenson’s biography of her husband, “Billy”.

Danny Baker’s autobiography, “Going to Sea in a Sieve”.

Cheers Beeko - that was some Twitter rant by Baker after they got Iced.

I don’t do Twitter. #luddite

The Book Thief is a great book set in WW2 Germany but not a war book as such. It is narrated by Death which gives a quirkey but unique style.

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A Rough Ride by Kimmage is excellent. Also GAAconimics is quite interesting. Born to Run is also very good along with Andre Agassi’s bio

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Talent is Overrated by Geoffrey Colvin was recommended to me.

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I,Partridge by Steve Coogan
Listened to the audio book , fantastic :sweat_smile:.


Anything by Nelson Demille or Jeff Abbott is high up on my list at the moment.

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Sports - John Leonards bio is FANTASTIC and won a major lit-award. Best Dublin GAA book by a mile.

Fiction - there’s a new novel that got a 2 million dollar advance called The Girls which is worth every cent paid for it. It’s about a young teen chick who gets involved in a Charlie Manson-esque cult in America and a terrible crime is committed. I loved it and have no kids. If you have a daughter you’d love it even more as it would be doubly fascinating.

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Thanks for all recommendations lads.

Read John Leonard - crazy man.

Am nearly finished Shefflin’s. Am fairly tired of autobios cos of the egoism usually involved. Thought Henry would be different but not so. That said the man went to crazy lengths for his sport. Seems a very intense individual - maybe like Cluxton - but never thought that about him when he was playing.

Not sure if it’s what you are into but a short sharp book for the holidays is The Friends of Eddie Coyle by G. Higgins.

Great dialogue and story, it’s a crime novel set in 70s Boston. Brilliant, as is the movie of the same name.

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“Crouch ,touch , engage” Paul kimmage .
Andre angassi auto is mental.

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David Cornwell, John Le Carré to the lay person, has a very entertaining memoir out called The Penguin Tunnel.

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Anyone recommend anything good and light for poolside reading? Not interested in ROCK or bad sports autobiographies.

There is a book out there, then name (and author) of which escapes me, I’m afraid. But it deals with how sh*t young, aspiring footballers (as in low-mid teens) are discarded by big English football clubs when they are deemed not suitable enough to progress. It was released about 4-6 months ago.

it’s called No Hunger in Paradise by Michael Calvin


Calvin is a good writer, has some good books out.

War and Peace?

Depends what you’re into. I usually enjoy a short Graham Greene fiction on my holidays. There’s a new kid on the fiction block called Mick Herron. Shades of Greene about him, great writing.

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Something light and funny …like Aido - the early years. Like a good autobiography but most are crap.