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My Mammy made me stick with Enid Blyton, for obvious reasons…


Theres a blast from the past!!

Should make for an interesting read


With the death of Raymond Briggs reported today I would recommend his Ethel and Ernest graphic novel as a good read.

Ben Jennings’ cartoon tribute in today’s Guardian is very good and very hard hitting. I think Briggs would have approved.


I never heard of that until last night when it was on the TV, and it was really enjoyable.

It’s based on the real life experiences of his own Mother and Father, Jim Broadbent voiced his father in it.

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It is a brilliantly told and drawn story. No happy ever afters, but full of Briggs’ humanity.
I did see the animated version on TV a while back.
It may seem a bit bizarre but I had a dream on Monday of this week and somewhere in there was the death of Briggs’ mother Ethel as depicted in the book.


Briggs was our generation’s Lowry really, was he?

That’s a pretty big question I am not qualified to answer.
Good art often takes the ordinary and reinterprets it in extraordinary and innovative ways.
In that respect they both achieved that I’d say.

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I saw this still from the Ethel and Ernest film which is a beautiful rendering of a happy moment in a mainly tension filled and tough storyline

Reminded me for some reason of David Hockney’s masterful portrait of his own parents which I saw in the Tate a few years back.
I went looking for what could have triggered this.
It is the tensioned posture of the feet of Briggs’ mother Ethel, and Hockney’s father that connected both works for me.

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Finished Simon kuper’s Barca ,great read

Heard about this book on newstalk this morning, bought it on Kindle

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Question: Does the thief sell stuff he’s nicked to people if he doesn’t want it himself?

There’s ‘community libraries’ all around the city here, waterproof boxes on a stand with books for people to borrow

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