Tyson fury stopped getting on flight to US tonight by immigration officials because of his link to Daniel kinehan .:joy::joy::joy:


Brilliant that’s one sucker punch he didn’t see coming


Hagler v Hearns from 1985 on Sky Sports Mix now

Anyone watching the British empire games from Birmingham, some quite decent fights and getting to the business end of the tournament now.

Just seen Dylan Eagleson from Belfast get through to a semifinal. Bit of a flash git but has all he needs to go far.

Michaela Walsh cruised into the semifinal as well. Her brother Aidan fights later today

Decent athletics last night. Ailish mccolgan ( daughter of Liz) won a good 10000m . I was cheering the Kenyan but Mccolgan seems a decent sort.

Euro silver medalist that lad. Good bet to win gold I think.

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Who was she boxing?

She wouldn’t box eggs

Kenyans tried to box her in.

Walsh on now, slightly in front but with cut eye. 3rd round

Good day for Walsh family as Aidan goes into final 4. Split decision

Walsh into the light middle final. He s defeated current European gold and silver medalists on the way. Eagleson in the final too.


Shows you the damage the connection with Kinahan has done. Wasn’t even aware Conlan was fighting tonight


You were lucky. It was pure shite, 1 of the worst fights I’ve ever watched. By the end I had completely lost interest

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Gold for Eagleson and A Walsh at the commonwealth/empire/ friendly/ countries exploited by the Huns Games .


His career hasn’t gone as planned at all. Debuted in 2017 on Paddys Day as a headliner in New York with Top Rank, building him at that superstar level, but he hasn’t kicked on really.

Amy Broadhurst from El Paso on the Louth-Down border on loan to the wee 6 adds Gold to her World title . Not in Katie or Kellie s class yet but a good bet for an Olympic medal in Paris

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A bit like Dunne he lacks that concussive power ? Not sure there’s as much going on upstairs as there needs to be either, and thats saying something for boxers.

Jude Gallagher gets gold as his opponent withdraws from final.

Michaela Walsh on now bbc3

Gold for Walsh.

Very decent performance by the NI team 5 Gold medals :medal_sports: