Brexit continues (Part 1)

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Should “Brexit rumbles on and on and on and on…” not be a more suitable title, Your Worship Sir?

You’ll be creating a few more new threads on this as my money now is on Boris being forced to look for an extension and we will all have another 6 months of this bull shlt

And in a surprise to absolutely no one…:roll_eyes:

Hopefully, she’s just trying to shake Westminster down for a few more peso’s before eventually saying yes. And if she is, fair fcuks to her, as long as the money benefits everyone in NI & not the DUP’s pet projects. Wouldn’t be holding my breath though…


If the reports of what Leo conceded is correct he’s going to give Stormont a rolling opportunity to torpedo the intergovernmental strands of the GFA by voting for a hard border. The strands that stormont should have no influence over

The damn thing would never have been agreed to if that had been the case at the get go

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Apparently they’ve agreed to split Dublin in 2 as part of the deal. But in a cruel twist of faith ■■■■■■■■■■■■ has joined the DUP and wants to veto the move.


Can’t see what is blocked out…hopes it’s Conor McGregor!! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Priorities Priorities Priorities


A referendum in NI as to where the border goes? Guarantee they vote for checks in the irish sea.

The one good thing from all of this is that the alternative arrangement have been dismissed for once and for all, so at least all parties are dealing with legally workable solutions of which there are two. Hard Border or Customs Border in Irish sea.

Johnson knows he has to go for an election so does he try to get deal through commons with Lib/Lab support and forego DUP support anyway. If brexit deal is close to what ERG want they may forsake north aswell.

ERG looked smug enough yesterday, do they risk losing all of this now they’re so close?


The journalist we must not mention :slight_smile:

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Deal. Is done according to Connolly

Now for Boris to get torpedoed. Can’t see the DUP/UVF/UDA voting for it

And as expected

God I hope Boris gets humiliated here. It’s basically May’s deal with a few cosmetic tweaks

Is it a way for him to blame Labour of its rejected?

More so Parliament. Could backfire on him though

Adam Bolton on Sky News grinning like a chesire cat whilst interviewing a panel, why I’ve no idea.

Very smug looking chap.

Come on Arlene