Brexit continues (Part 1)

Not with a bunch a mickeys!


DUP HQ right now


Labour not supporting it


While he needs the votes, the DUP do not have a veto on this.

Jeremy Corbyn calling for a public vote is significant unless he only means it in terms of a general election

Barnier live on Sky News now, announcing the deal. Corbyn saying it’s even worse than the last deal, and calling for a UK public vote.

he is going to try and ram this through without the DUP

he didn’t even offer the whip back to the ex Tories if they voted for it. Hard to see it getting through as it stands

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looks like it.

this is all good for Boris, has a deal.

goes to the commons, they reject it (maybe).

if they do, Benn Act extension.

Boris uses the Fixed Terms Parliaments Act to engineer a general election (you dont need the 75% rule in every event).

Boris goes to the country based on this deal, gets his majority.

Deal passes next parliament DUP gets stuffed, so does Hoey and the Labour loons, Boris gets this deal (which is actually a far worse deal for Blue Collar people and the poor than the last one which is why the ERG will vote for it).

Or, Deal passes Saturday.

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Most accurate analysis, if ERG side back it then this will be result, but its not over yet. A deal in Brussels dosnot beat current Westminster arithmetic. Labour floundered by not picking the stop Brexit route.

Most likely Johnson will now get some sort of slim workable majority next election by saying I delivered Brexit and parliament stopped me, vote for me. They lose Scotland and either alliance or UUP make gains in Northern Ireland, but if he makes any gains in south of England he’ll win. Lab/Lib didn’t do enough to offer an alternative and unfortunately no nationalist representation from Northern Ireland in Westminster.

Labour might support if they can get a confirmatory vote on this deal.

Corbyn just said the opposite they wont support this deal

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Cons can get a majority in the HOC on a mid 30’s% result in the election, undoubtedly that is why he has been calling for an election since he became PM, and why Labour keep trying to put it off. All their polling must be indicating a Boris Brexit Bounce and a majority for him.


They need either a referendum or an election. Alliance leader just on saying it’s a crazy way to do politics where you will accept a deal no matter how bad just to avoid a no deal. Fair point.

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In the current parliament Boris might not get a majority of his own party to vote for this deal if ERG go against it, all rebel Conservatives who he is trying to throw out wont be over supportive. Lim Dems are remain so they will vote against it as will SNP. Now DUP are a no and if Corbyn is to be believed he will impose a labour No aswell.

So back in westminsterland even if they want a confirmatory referendum there will have to be an extension.

This is far from over, is it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end, a mad shower of clowns