Brexit continues (Part 1)

They thought that in 2017.

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Left of left field but with the Brexit Boris is now planning I wonder if the SNP could be tempted to support it if they were granted an independence re-run.

SNP hate the Tories but London isn’t under any real obligation to consent to an re-run despite what I’d argue are solid grounds for it.

It could be the SNP’s only chance. Desperate time, desperate measures and all that.

Not a hope the SNP do any sort of deal. Tories are hanging themselves without any help. SNP need to just sit back and wait

I think approx. 19 Labour MPs will support it anyway, as they are from Brexit constituencies, it might be enough. They could hardly bring the deal to the table if they didn’t have some hope of it passing. Some of the ERG, at least, will vote for it too.

I can see it getting through, just about, and then into an election as no deal will be off the table. For the British, the real negotiation only starts then on the future relationship. That’s why the Labour position is non-sensical on workers rights etc. all of that can be included in the next phase.

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losing 10 or however many DUP votes there are will be a killer to this deal.

There isn’t a hope. Not convinced the SNP will get what they are looking for though.


Oh do ■■■■ off Jacob

Who can forget all those times the nasty horrible EU raped and pillaged England’s green and pleasant land.


Well the Brits are the experts in colonial oppression after all.

No wait, you mean they are ones being oppressed?


No delay on the table from the EU? What do labour do in the event of it nkt passing on Saturday?

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Short sell sterling, and make losts of dosh like Rees-Moggy Mogg!

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Calm down Sammy. You’ll give yourself a heart attack

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We don’t him gone just yet. Want him to see a UI first. That’ll probably finish him though

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Dog who caught the car are we Nige

You wanted all of this didn’t you

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Ehhhh but what if they do

That would be the GFA you opposed and campaigned against