Brexit continues (Part 2)

Dear me…Sunak duplicitous but probably a tiny bit capable.
Truss is so bad it is almost unbelievable. Programmed to deceive.
Putting her in charge of a country is only slightly madder than Fento handing me his jersey 5 mins before throw in and asking me to fill in for him as he had picked up a late injury.


irish tory love letter to english tory party. ps i miss you.


It was funny a few weeks ago.

But if Truss gets in it’s a disaster for the Protocol.

Brits supply us with gas too I thought

They’ll be back into the EU in some form in 5-7 years . Won’t have a choice

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Looking at their own economic forecasts, 5 quarter recession, I’d say she’d be smart enough not to start a trade war …

She is as thick as fock, Tayto. We are in big trouble if she gets in. The UK is toast either way. Inflation to 13%+…

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We get 70% of our gas from uk and 30% from corrib/kinsale - which generated 58% of our electricity. we’ve been net exporter of electricity since 2016

Yep our economic fortunes are inter linked too

Brexit was a disaster was Ireland too.

Yea they’re in big trouble as it stands, she’d have to be monumentally stupid to kick off trade war.

I know she’s talking tough now but she’s appealing to the weirdos that make up Tory party membership.

A lot less dependent on them then before

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If it appeals to the Tories she will do it

Not sure an election will happen unless the British public look for it

She’s talking a good game to appeal to the lunatic fringe, when she’s in she can ditch them. Although talk of redwood and IDS getting ministerial positions … :man_facepalming:

Only 9% of our exports goto them now, basically our reliance on them has, thankfully, collapsed.


I’d be more worried about Germany’s problems thanks to their absurd reliance on Russia fuel.

No way she’ll call an election with the polls showing big labour lead. Problem for her is a 5 quarter recession brings her v close to next election

But for importing it’s been a complete change of model and very costly while new sources are procured

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I can imagine it has been a pain in the hoop.

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She’ll do what ever the hardline brexit tory faction will tell her to do.




Hoping once she is in she’ll pivot to being less of a freak.

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