Brexit continues (Part 2)

Even Raheem doesn’t go down that fast.


Sterling has been lower since the referendum, as low as about Eu1.06 at one stage, I believe. But in recent months it has been falling in value against the dollar (as are most currencies), the yen and the euro. It was reasonably stable against the Euro for most of the last year prior to these recent falls at around Eu1.18-1.20. The above graph shows a fall in value of almost a full percentage point in a matter of hours. There is nothing to suggest that sterling will recover from these falls at any time soon.
Immediately prior to the referendum, sterling was at around Eu1.32 and rising slowly as it seemed like the vote would be to remain. It fell to around Eu1.13-1.15 immediately after the vote. A year or so before the referendum, sterling was worth about Eu1.45.

I cannot see one single tangible positive aspect from Brexit for those living in Britain.

Down over 3% against the dollar, and just over 2% against the euro.

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And you were right to point that out - but it has fallen further, since.

Fair enough. I had seen so much about Sterling "meltdown"s recently that when I saw it was still €1.13 and only a cent down in that graph I started to think “hype?”

It’s in meltdown

Interesting weeks ahead for the global economy as sterling goes into complete meltdown

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It’s almost like giving disaster capitalist’s keys to the economy is a bad idea.

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Well at least they’re honest I suppose

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Yeh I was wondering what’s up with that, him saying that kind of stuff?

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To put a bit more perspective on it, before the euro and before the currencies of countries who had signed up for the euro had their currencies locked in on a fixed exchange rate v the euro, one Irish Punt would have been generally well below the value of £1Stg - usually somewhere between £0.80-£0.85Stg.
Today, exchanging one Irish Punt at its locked value against the euro into sterling would give you just above £1.12Stg.

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FFS. Have you not been paying attention. Blue passports. They got their blue passports back… Victory…


And British fish are much happier……apparently!


But they’ll always have Oliver-

Eeh … not from where I’m sitting.

Ref e.g. Pogues’ ‘Young Ned of the Hill’.

Listening to the Labour Shadow Business Secretary on BBC Newsnight just now you’d just despair at the chances of the Tories being defeated at next election.

Absolutely pathetic and incapable of offering any clear policy around what they will do. Asked what their tax policy is and would they reverse the removal of the top 45% tax rate she repeatedly refused to answer.

Labour remain incapable of standing for anything never mind standing up & leading people.


There are now twice as many food banks in the UK than McDonalds. Think about that.

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Along with Northern Ireland pigs (sausages)

How many decades ago was the punt?

Apparently when David Cameron said it’s either stability with me or chaos with miliband a pound would buy you $1.50 now it buys you $1.08

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