Brexit continues (Part 2)

Sunak has actual powers to determine where people can run. He actually has a veto over it

All he had to do is insist Johnson runs in that district . It’s completely in his hands and not in Johnson’s

This is a real chance to finish him off

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Didn’t realize that, I thought it was up to the local bigots, great stuff

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Should listen to Chris John’s on dunphys podcast. Most knowledgeable out there on British politics

He speaks about this point in last weeks podcast


Third last time? You’ve lost me.

That was a typo

Given his stock is so low every chance he has a serious risk of not being elected this time

2019 was crest of a wave stuff for him

Johnson by all accounts suggested running elsewhere to ensure his re election.

I’d say he will lose his seat. Backed the third runway for Heathrow having previously promised his constituents that he would like down in front of the first bulldozer to prevent its installation.

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He’s still inexplicably popular among tories.

Him losing his seat would be a new Portillo moment. Unless Sunak somehow inexplicably lost his own seat

think his majority the last time was small enough, so it could happen.

Eminently possible I’d say

Met an English man the other day, boomer, accountant, leafy Surrey, all that. Nice man though, bit on the left I would say.
He said something about Johnson, and bookended it by adding, “I will never call that man by his first name”.
My hero! :heart_eyes:


Chance you two got a room


The EU on the verge of Collapse again I see…

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Hilarious… Focking geebag


A ■■■■ with a massive capital C


Knew it reminded me of something


And youse were all slagging the lovely Priti Patel??


Fuxbridge. Two Fuxbridge.