Brexit continues (Part 2)

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Arbeit Macht Frei.

Cheaper less regulated labour from further afield. To work in their health services, etc. And displace the highly qualified and better payed European ones. To employ people who will do what they’re told and not challenge management of dept. And so on.

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Not necessarily cheaper in some cases

What’s been missed is the passport rule the U.K. has relaxed to offer to highly skilled people from Asia to relocate favourably to the U.K.

Largely because their own graduates have abandoned ship post Brexit

Highly skilled perhaps but in terms of nursing at least not allowed or qualified to do some of the job in the acute health field, thus putting more pressure on those who can. More work for them. Different systems too.
Not the same with Doctors really. But they have their own system the world over pretty much

It would be brilliant if the multinationals based in Britain started relocating to Rwanda

I know this will come as quite a shock to a lot of people myself included…


Yep and Paisley Junior has also said he’s prepared for 1,000th time in his life going to say No


The solution to this is simple, the Alliance Party temporarily align as unionist and the problem goes away. If the UUP hold 10% the right wing unionists only hold about 30%.



Funny watching the DUP walk the plank made by Sunak.

The deep blue sea….or accepting the new deal and back to Stormont with a SF First Minister.

The mad thing is there’s a good offer on the table.

They’re just too dogmatic & backward to grab it.


They know the game is up. They are watching the long slow death of their ideology. Saying No. That’s all they have.


Lads, they get payed. They get payed pots by corrupt politicians and businessmen for this. And for their support. They couldn’t give two poots what anyone thinks of them or that people think they are stupid and dinosaurs, they are literally laughing at everyone. The cutest slieveen hoors going.

Who gets paid? The DUP?

The people that were being spoken of, that I replied about. The “stupid dinosaurs of unionism” etc

Who pays them? Would yiu not think that Ulster farmers and businesses are sixk of the DUP?

Looney unionism still commands about 30% of the vote and while the majority should not be held hostage to that its obvious nothing will change without a change to alignment.

The DUP won’t go in with a republican FM, protocol or no protocol.


Yep, that’s what this is all about. Everything else is just a smokescreen. Playing second fiddle to a Fenian is simply not on the cards for them any time soon. They’ll try every trick & delaying tactic in the book to stop it from happening. The dogs on the street know they’re only delaying the inevitable & deep down they know it too. They just won’t admit it.


Exactly, none of them want to be the first to in their own vocabulary, “surrender”.

And as you allude to the rest is a smokescreen made up by lawyers to disguise the fact they dispise fenians.